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Venezuela may become another country that accepts cryptocurrencies

Alexa Acosta
3 min read
Venezuela may become another country that accepts cryptocurrencies

For a couple of years now, Venezuela has been trying to change its entire economy, one of its solutions is cryptocurrencies. Since 2018, a search began for a payment method that could avoid the instability of the currency used in Venezuela.

One of their ideas was to create a cryptocurrency, which they did not know how to control, but which would later become a pillar of their economy. It was believed that this "cryptocurrency" could only be used for trading within this country, but apparently much more can be done.

Venezuela seeks a digital change in its economy

Venezuela may become another country that accepts cryptocurrencies

The effort made by the Venezuelan government to try to regain control tends to be in vain due to the markets that devalue its legal tender. Despite this, Venezuelans have sought other ways to move forward, through digital payments in cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the fact that with them, you can work remotely and receive payments in any type of currency, just what cryptocurrencies were born for. Seeing this, government entities have tried to adopt this modality, which led to the creation of a new cryptocurrency.

A currency that promised to restore economic stability, but ended up being rejected by almost the entire population of Venezuela. All this is currently expected to change, thanks to the incorporation and acceptance of other cryptocurrencies within this country.

It could be a case very similar to that of El Salvador, which means that cryptocurrencies are beginning to be accepted in more parts of the world. Specifically in Venezuela, that at least 60 or 80% of the population is aware of what cryptos are.

More and more people are looking to transact digitally, and many others are looking to do jobs online. Something that is pushing this country directly to a complete acceptance of these currencies, turning them into legal tender.

Airport in Venezuela begins to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method

Venezuela may become another country that accepts cryptocurrencies

The first of many steps was taken at the Maiquetía International Airport, Venezuela's main airport. Where, in conjunction with cryptocurrency regulatory entities, in this case SUNACRIP, they are beginning to accept payments in these currencies.

To achieve this, the airport seeks to create a button, application or method that allows paying with almost any cryptocurrency. It is undoubtedly a great bet in favor of cryptocurrencies, since it will give them the opportunity to be used regularly in another country.

His main idea is to improve tourism within his country, but while doing so, cryptocurrencies will gradually make a space in everyone's economy. It does not take long for this to become a reality, as we mentioned, many Venezuelans already live on these coins.

Recently, the country's currency once again underwent a currency reconversion and its value has been maintained thanks to digital currencies. Everything points to Venezuela becoming another country that supports cryptocurrencies.