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What about the most prominent Cryptogames?

Crypto games as a fever of the moment

Irene de Espinoza
7 min read
What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Play and win with crypto games

Video games have long been and will continue to be a source of entertainment for general measures to young people and some adults.

NFT games or also known as Crypto games are the fever of the moment, some generate extraordinary profits in a short time, but how profitable can they be now?

It is present reality, it has opened a very striking earnings system. At first, the fever was on the rise to get substantial sums of money with just one week of play, however everything that goes up has to fall, and this is the case in crypto games.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Hours of play can generate stable daily earnings

Changes to some of these games were swift, and those record-time winnings were radically limited. Now, you still conceive weekly, biweekly or monthly earnings, however in a more gradual way.

Before making a considerable investment, we invite you to validate several options:

1. The game you are selecting

2. The minimum investment to start

3. Analysis of the token at least weekly (how variable it can be)

4. The game, its website, Discord and endorsement

5. Some important YouTubers tutorials in the area will be very helpful to you

A saying among the players of these platforms for the most novice is that you do not invest in something that you are not willing to lose. In other words, you have to dare to play and obtain the best strategy to win, because here, every victory means profit.

What are the best crypto games?

There are so many games, as different game modes for people's tastes, among these are some that are PVP combats your team against another player, others more focused on strategy or passively mining.

The method of earnings varies depending on the game you select, remember that these trend games and the investment may vary. To make a profit we must invest a minimum to start producing.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Trending games with winnings in different cryptocurrencies

Most Wanted Crypto Juices

Axie Infinity

Perhaps one of the most popular and highest-earning Cryptogames you could get. The salable or exchangeable products are the same Axies. Those creatures with which we must level up and those that we can sell at any given time, as long as they are rarer or unique.

The game style is similar to that of Pokémon, only here if you are going to get real money and not only the currency of the game, for the same reason, this game became so popular, since it is very fun and addictive.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
With 3 Axies you can start your games

To begin we must invest in 3 Axies, to be moderately decent, since you must get more Axies playing and winning, obviously, and continue investing in these to be the most powerful.

Also, the game is a lot of fun and it is the one that brings the most profits. You have the possibility of losing the things that you have invested in the Axies that you have, daily you could get between 3 to 35 Euros, yes, having good strategies and playing all the time to have the best results.

Plants vs. Undead

It was truly the sensation of the moment, it brought with it an extraordinary number of players who even abandoned daily work routines just to dedicate themselves to the game. He had very promising vision to further increase his substantial profits.

The change was radical. Its token grew until it reached $ 24 the PVU. The focal point of this game started in the farm mode and was thus modified by the creators. To get your profits it was necessary to have an NFT plant. This for many was a problem for the remarkable prices they had.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Irrigation tree with 6 awards

It all happened with the special event that took place in September, all the players in a week had achieved their first NFT.

The change came when those same players considered selling their plant immediately and getting the money at a relatively attractive price.

And now that?

The promises of new updates keep the thousands of active players, hoping that with them the token can rise again and take on a considerable value.

It may be a few months, as long as the new version of the farm mode is expected for December 2021.

The battle against the zombies, really the PVP mode continues to work under trial and error. Now, not everyone can access this mode, but if you wait a lot to modify.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
December 2021 Farm 3.0

For those who wish to enter with little income, they can currently do so. Create your crop and hope to get the 100 saplings to exchange for your seed. If not, they can buy cheap plants in the market and have them on their farm for farming, hoping that in December everything will change for the better.

Growing crypto games

Perhaps they are not the first or the most popular option on the market, however they can also be studied and given the opportunity to try and win. Always remember not to take too much risk.

Not thinking of winning immediately. Being NFT games, they can also be quite volatile.

Gods Unchained

Tactical strategy game with trading trading cards, foreplay like Magic The Gathering or also YU-GI-OH! They are games that could be related or so that you know fairly how the game style of Gods Unchained would be.

If you come understanding this type of games, you already know that we will obtain in this game to sell or exchange, when you start the game you will have a standard non-tokenized deck, that is, it will have no value for sale, you will have to play and obtain the collectible NFTs to exchange or sell according to your taste.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Earn NFT Collectibles

As you play and level up you will get as a kind of reward where you will have possible NFT cards to sell or exchange. However, it is recommended that you first level up and have a strong deck and then seek to collect the NFTs that you will later sell.

It will be necessary that you make an investment in the cards to obtain a powerful deck and parallel to this, as you win, you will also obtain an internal currency of the game.

It will allow you to improve your non-tokenized cards so that they are stronger and you can merge them so that they have better value in the market.

League of Kingdoms

This is a massive online multiplayer, its style of play is mainly strategy and the NFTs that we are going to want to quote and collect are the lands within the same game, these produce DAI a cryptocurrency.

We will seek to exchange or improve these lands so that they produce for us. It is already part of the decision of each person what to do with the lands they can get within the same game. The higher the level of the land, the more you can quote for it.

What about the most prominent Cryptogames? – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Get the best lands

But if this is not to your liking, you can get resources and sell them on Opensea. This year a person sold a level 7 land on Opensea for 10 Ethereum equivalent to almost 2,600 euros, in other words, a lot of money.


So many in these games that they are the most popular, at least this year, like many other Crypto games, they are easy to play.

However, we must invest an adequate amount to generate the rewards. Let us remember that, to receive we must give, and more if it is about profits or investments.

We have many more crypto games to analyze if the option to invest in them is interesting. We will continue to see the crypto gaming fever grow, thanks to the profits they bring with them.