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6 keys to decorate modern rooms

Dilis Salazar
4 min read

Decorating the living room of your home through a modern and simple look can be a very easy task, as long as you keep some recommendations that we are going to give you below.

Nowadays modernity is more common than we think, and a decoration based on this style also requires some flashes of simplicity, elegance and a lot of character in each element.

Organize the TV area

6 keys to decorate modern rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Modular for modern rooms

Once you have decided to decorate in this style, perhaps the most important thing is to organize the place where the television will go. In this aspect, I recommend you look for a modern piece of furniture that stands out for its minimalist composition, and that emphasizes the decoration of modern rooms.

For this space, modern, versatile and functional modular should be chosen, that these match the accessories and contrast with the television.

The choice you make must be in accordance with the style of the decoration, since in the selection of modular units all kinds of styles stand out, from auxiliary tables, to shelves, base units and panels; everything will depend on the size of the place and the additional use you give it.

Use few decorations

Don't expect to put up a modern TV cabinet and then take away its elegance by putting up all kinds of decorations you see around it. In this sense, it is important first of all to take care of the decoration, for this reason the maxim of less is more is valid here.

A portrait frame, a book, an indoor plant will suffice to give the decoration a more ideal appearance.

Neutral tones give a point in your favor

If we are looking for a modern concept, we will not be able to use such warm colors. The ideal will be to let ourselves be carried away by colors such as white, gray, or brown. Ivory and beige tones are also typical of this decoration.

Attention, it does not mean that this is a basic rule of modern decoration, but we should know that these tones give more strength to an avant-garde trend.

Modern or classic furniture

6 keys to decorate modern rooms – Decor – WebMediums
Modern furniture

Today you can create a modern environment only by using the right furniture. In this sense, a modern room will always be perfect with an L-shaped modular.

You can place this in front of the TV to improve the space, and thus create the environment you want. Do not forget to place colored cushions, or some textile on top of your furniture, to give that special touch to the place.

Center table, if needed

6 keys to decorate modern rooms – Decor – WebMediums
modern coffee table

If you already have a modular TV, the center table may not be necessary. But if it is a room without a television, then it will be up to you to think about a coffee table.

Auxiliary tables are essential in the decoration of modern rooms, among their designs they cover rectangular, basic and simple tables. You can also find some more abstract designs, on wooden tables with glass surfaces.

Everything will depend on the style and concept of the decoration that you are carrying, the ideal is to place a nice vase on top, and let it shine on its own.

Minimalist black tables are at the forefront of modern living room decor, so think about them if you want to go all out with this approach.

Don't forget the lighting

Another aspect to consider in the decoration is lighting, in this design of modern rooms we cannot forget the hanging lamps, increasingly sophisticated, which with multiple designs can help us find a good approach.

Neon lights have also been considered as one of the lighting trends in the decoration of modern spaces. Its color can give a touch of freshness to the place.

As you will see, decorating a modern room is easier than it seems, you just have to have a budget and organize all the elements, so that the sophisticated effect is always maintained.