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Care you should have with hydrangeas

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
Hydrangeas are shade plants.

In China, Korea, and Japan there are beautiful flowering plants called hydrangeas. Today we want to talk to you about some care that you must have with them so that, if you decide to have them at home, you do not worry about their maintenance, also, remember that nature is special and should be treated as such.

Hydrangeas belong to the type of plants known as shade plants, because they are those that survive without the need for the sun's rays to hit them directly.

So they are perfect for houses, internal gardens, some outdoor corners, however, like everything in life, you have to know how to treat them so that their splendor spreads.

More about hydrangeas

This species of plant has spread over two continents, leaving its beauty high up. In this section we want you to know more about this plant before learning more about how to care for hydrangeas.

The hydrangea is characterized by being abundant in flowers and if you take care in its care you ensure that the color will never be lacking. Its beautiful extensions usually last about a week, this happens if it is well cared for and watered.

Its colors include blue, pink, red and green; although you can also find hydrangeas that change color with the passing of the seasons. What a beauty! In addition to all the above, these flowers are a faithful meaning of gratitude, abundance, beauty and grace.

As a curious fact we can say that its name Hortensia or Hydrangea comes from "hydro" (water) and 'angeion' (glass), this is because the shape of the hydrangea resembles an old container to carry water.

Ways to care for hydrangeas

Now yes, we will tell you how to take care of hydrangeas with simple steps that you can implement for your beautiful flowers that you surely have adorning your home in a strategic corner, those that seem to be designed just for a tall and elegant vase.

Irrigation for these types of plants is essential. In spring, when there is a rainy season, you do not need to maintain a watering routine, since nature takes care of this task.

In winter is when you should be careful, the ideal is that the soil is always moist. Let's remember that hydrangeas are shade plants and when the temperature rises they need to be able to constantly hydrate.

You must not wet the flowers, nor flood the substrate that you have given it, you must keep it moist, but not excessively, always the right measure. That is why it is good to have a watering routine, morning and afternoon is our suggestion, very early and when the sun begins to set.

We continue with more about how to take care of hydrangeas and in this section, we will now talk about sun exposure.

Hydrangeas should not receive direct sunlight, but it is good that in the morning they have good exposure to these rays and in the afternoon they enjoy shade. So a well-lit corner is your perfect opportunity.

More interesting facts

The longevity of hydrangea flowers is truly amazing, with good care they can even last an entire season. Now, we also want to highlight the types of hydrangeas, the latter is the scientific name of the flower that we have exposed.

Hydrangeas are the type of hydrangeas that we get watered all over the world, especially in the countries of the Asian continent, added to this, they are those flowers that develop freely, these are:

  • Hydrangea candida, is that plant where the flowers grow in round clusters.

  • Hydrangea cinerea, with an ashen color, its flowers are quite striking. This plant occurs, more than anything, in the Southeastern United States.

  • Hydrangea caudatifolia, shaped like a globe, this plant looks like a bush and is native to China. Its flowers are brown.

  • Hydrangea davidii, the most predominant characteristic of this hydrangea is that it reaches a maximum height of three meters. Oh!

Four types of hydrangea flowers, but they are the same plant with different characteristics, which makes it unique and beautiful. Keep in mind that if you have one of these at home, you must always love and take care of it because it is a living being.

By the way, among the care of the hydrangea plant, it is necessary to talk about pruning. Pruning consists of cutting small clusters of the flower so that they grow even larger, radiant and abundant, this type of cut is necessary and the indicated time is at the end of winter.

In the months of February and March, especially when the last one is going to start, it is propitious to prune the hydrangeas if you are on the north side of the country, if you are on the south side, early August is the right time.

Now that you know how to care for hydrangeas, we encourage you to put into practice all the measures that we have given you below so that you can develop your flower to its fullest.


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