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Top 10 Best Houseplant Flowers

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Top 10 Best Houseplant Flowers

Believe it or not, there are species that bloom without the need for direct sunlight, these are the flowers of indoor plants, and here you will discover the best ones to decorate your home.

Do not resort to artificial flowers or natural ones that wither after a few days, so take note of these plants and how they are able to maintain themselves in these environments.

The names of flowering houseplants that you need to have

Nature's ability to adapt to our environment is incredible, and in the case of indoor plant flowers, the key is their resistance, and most of them are from humid or semi-shaded environments.

Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy these 10 species, so take note of the names of the most beautiful and low-care flowering indoor plants.

1. Anthurium

Anthurium houseplant flowers

Also called calla de corazón, it is one of the most hardy and decorative houseplant flowers. This is one of the most popular, and easy to get and care for, despite being a tropical plant, it exists in different countries around the world.

In general, they bloom from time to time, they require good lighting, but away from the sun because they wither.

They require enough water without overloading them, so you just have to keep the substrate slightly moist and spray their leaves.

2. Begonias


These flowers of indoor plants are one of the most charming, although there is a wide variety of them, you can find begonia flowers very similar to roses with stunning colors.

Begonias, although they look delicate, are not complicated in their care, since they are basically semi-shade and temperate climate plants.

Find a space with lighting without direct sun, that is ventilated, such as windows. There supply enough water without generating puddles.

3. peace lily

Names of flowering houseplants: Peace lily

Also called the peace lily, it is a plant of the calla family, it stands out for a base of broad and elongated leaves that support the stem of white flowers.

The flowers have a drop shape, somewhat circular below and pointed above. These are delicate flowers; however, they will be kept in any well-ventilated indoor environment.

They are semi-shade plants, they require lighting like any plant, but not direct sunlight. It is crucial that you keep the substrate moist without flooding, but that the rest of the time you maintain it with spraying.

4. Poinsettia


This is one of the houseplant flowers of the Christmas season, and it is the conditions of this time that makes it bloom and change color.

Believe it or not, the true flower of this plant are the small buds in the center, these of a yellowish tone. What we think of as the petals are the leaves of the plant that change color making it more striking.

To take care of them, you just have to keep them in a place with light, but away from the sun, they love cool temperatures, so we must supply enough water to the substrate so that it is hydrated, without generating puddles.

5. African violet

African violet houseplant flowers

Among the names of flowering houseplants, the African violet stands out as one of the spices that blooms the most in the year. It delights us with delicate petals that not only cover the violet color, since there is a great variety of colors.

Its care is very basic, it requires very good lighting to flourish, away from the sun, in cool temperatures but not totally cold. The substrate needs to be slightly moist, so capillarity irrigation is preferable.

6. Agapanthus


This is a cluster of blue or lilac flowers, these are supported by an elongated stem that rests on a base of elongated and leafy leaves.

Due to their color and shape they are a very showy spice, but they are generally grown outdoors. Even so, this is not an obstacle to enjoying them at home.

These are hardy plants that love the sun ; however, they are easily adapted to semi-shade sites. On the other hand, they require enough water so you cannot have a slightly dry substrate.

To keep them indoors, plant them in a large pot and position them right next to a glass door or window, where direct sunlight arrives. You can also take them to the terrace as part of the landscape.

7. Alabaster Rose Succulent

succulent alabaster roses

Although not really a flower, it makes our list of houseplant flowers for its unique rose figure. This is a highly resistant succulent that you can grow indoors.

They only need a place with indirect lighting, and regulated irrigation every 3 days. This is because these plants store water in their extensions, something that makes them last longer.

To make it stand out as a whole flower, provide it with a glass or clay pot, and put together several of different species.

8. Rosemary


We know it as a condiment for our meals, but did you know that it belongs to the group of indoor plant flowers? Yes, it blooms when it reaches maturity and in certain seasons, white or lilac flowers are born throughout the stem, adorning each of its extensions.

Best of all, in addition to serving us with a double function, that is, as a condiment and decoration, it is also very easy to care for. It is a sun plant, since its place is near a window.

In addition, it tolerates different types of temperatures, which makes it perfect to be in the kitchen.

On the other hand, its irrigation should not be continuous, it only requires irrigation every 3 days with little water, and that will be enough.

9. Basil

Basils: Names of Flowering Houseplants

Basil is another aromatic and culinary plant noted for its flower stems. These, also when they reach maturity, buds sprout from their highest peak, which when opened appear as small flowers that indicate the arrival of the basil seeds.

You can keep this plant in a pot and position it in a window or glass door to get the benefits of the sun. The substrate must be kept hydrated, but not waterlogged.

10. Amaryllis


We culminate our top 10 flowers of indoor plants with one of the most striking, due to its exotic colors, size and star-shaped shape, it will captivate wherever you place it.

The Amaryllis are bulbous plants, that is to say that they are born from a tuber-type seed from which they are nourished when growing. Despite this, they can be kept in large pots and of course indoors.

You only require a lot of lighting, away from the sun's rays, a ventilated or cool space and a slightly moistened substrate, completely avoiding being overwhelmed with water.

Beautify your home with these flowering plants that will last much longer.


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