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Decorate small modern kitchens

Dilis Salazar
4 min read
Decorate small modern kitchens – Decor – WebMediums
small modern kitchens

Mixing modernity in a small space can be a difficult task, but don't worry, with these tips you will learn how to decorate small modern kitchens, which will fascinate you.

For your kitchen to look modern in a small space, it requires the use of some elements, among them you must take care of the color, style and lighting. You will see how quickly you can achieve the effect you want.

The best styles in small modern kitchens

Use the color white

Decorate small modern kitchens – Decor – WebMediums
Modern white kitchens

As part of the successes, the white color is essential in small spaces. If you decorate your kitchen with white furniture and walls, you can give a feeling of spaciousness to your space.

A small kitchen with white furniture will be perfect to create a bright and spacious feeling. So that the place is not so simple, the elements around the kitchen, if they can go in other colors.

There is no doubt that kitchens in white, or warm tones, are much more welcoming; and it is also a color that will not go out of style, so it can be a great option if you are looking for a modern effect in your kitchen.


The other point that you should evaluate in small kitchens is the way in which you are going to distribute the furniture. In this aspect I recommend the L distribution, it is one of the most adapted to modern kitchens.

Of course, you can use the L orientation, in order to make the most of the space and place the appliances in their place.

Remember that for this distribution you must have the correct space, place the furniture or modules in this orientation, and look for a color and concept that makes it look more modern. Wooden furniture with a marble surface is perfect for this style.

U-shaped designs

Decorate small modern kitchens – Decor – WebMediums
U-shaped kitchens

The distribution in U, is another of the most chosen for small modern kitchens. This consists of placing the furniture in a U-shape, which will favor the triangle of action, to place the cooking and water zones perpendicularly and the storage goes in parallel.

In U-layouts, you can't help but overlook order. Well, here the place is smaller, so I recommend you not to go overboard with the details, since that way you will only generate a non-optimal space to be.

transparent cabinets

If what you want is to generate more space in the room, you can make use of wooden furniture or modules, with transparent doors. The options are many, and they will maintain the modern style that you want. Just remember to have all the dishes well ordered.

If you do not want to place a cabinet, you can also make use of wooden shelves, where you can place the elements of the kitchen.

Kitchen with Island

Decorate small modern kitchens – Decor – WebMediums
Modern kitchens with island

This has been one of the most modern trends in the decoration of small kitchens. They have been around for a long time and it is not for less, because a small kitchen with an island can help us divide the area and generate a feeling of spaciousness.

Of course, before placing an island, you must study the size very well. This must be proportional to the space, and it must be purely functional, allowing you to move around the entire space without hitting the doors.

The bars a great success

For modern kitchens we cannot stop thinking about the bars, these are, in addition to being versatile, also ideal to fit in a reduced space. In the absence of a dining area, the bar can be that breakfast table.

In small kitchens, the bars are a great contribution, they can even give your space a living area. You just have to place it perfectly, making sure that the size is consistent.

Well organized

Especially in small spaces, order should be one of the first hits, which is why you should take into account everything you have around your kitchen, and create a unique space.

You can use furniture and other elements, so that the place emanates the order you want.

As you will see, these practical but helpful tips can help you decorate small modern kitchens. Regardless of the size, you can make them look charming, pleasant, and suitable for cooking and spending a pleasant time inside them.