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Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022

Saharay Perez Bautista
7 min read
Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Christmas decoration 2021-2022

Although it is true, fashion goes beyond clothing and footwear, since it also imposes trends in the decoration of spaces ; especially from home. Thus, since we are already in the last quarters of the year, it is good to get inspiration to make a unique Christmas decoration.

To fill the month with December with magic, one of the secrets is to display a Christmas decoration with which it is possible to rediscover the joy and emotion characteristic of these festivities. Above all, because of the consequences left by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, we want to show you various color trends and ideas for your 2021-2022 Christmas decoration.

Through which you can express the purest desires of your heart and flaunt it through how your home looks. Valuing that, if you follow the current proposals, the result will be fascinating for all members of the family.

The best trendy colors for Christmas decoration 2021-2022

What are the colors or tones in trend for Christmas 2021? This is the most recurring question in recent days, as the last month of the year is approaching. Therefore, for us, it is an honor to present you the most relevant details about the fashionable colors to decorate your spaces today.

It should be noted that, based on the following proposals and with a personal touch, in addition to being able to show off a beautiful and Christmas home; You will have the certainty of expressing your personality and expressing the love that the whole family feels for the Christmas festivities.

Without further ado, know the fashionable shades and / or combinations to make your Christmas decoration 2021-2022 :

White and silver

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
White and silver Christmas decoration

If you want to bring light and elegance to your home, this is one of the most appropriate options to decorate at Christmas. Being a combination that, by nature, helps create a wintery, magical and sophisticated environment.

Inherently, the color white inspires freshness, gives peace and is versatile to combine with any other shade. While, silver is associated with wealth and success. Thus, both together give a feeling of spaciousness, purity and better lighting.

Red and white

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Red and white Christmas decoration

Of the most popular combinations to decorate at Christmas, we have red and white that enliven the Christmas spirit in any area. This mixture, manages to harmonize the home in a fantastic way and creates a more cheerful atmosphere.

While it is true, the color white is light and peace, while the color red is vibrant, warm, welcoming and expresses a passion for the festivities. So, if you prefer to opt for a safe alternative, you should choose these two colors for your 2021-2022 Christmas decoration.

Camel, sand and champagne

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Christmas decoration earth colors

Basically, it is a combination that mixes earthy colors such as cream and chocolate in all their shades. In this way, it achieves an aesthetic inspired by nature and its raw materials that looks very subtle in the home.

Through these hues, people display a more relaxed and soft home style. A good idea to elevate the Christmas decoration with these colors is incorporating natural fibers, small golden sequins and woods in light tones. Without a doubt, it is a very chic option to decorate spaces.

Rose gold

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Christmas decoration rose gold

If you want to change the look of your home this Christmas 2021 showing something different from usual, you can decorate with the Rose Gold tone. Which consists of a modern, bright and striking color that visually impresses anyone.

In recent months, this color has become one of the most sought after in terms of interior decoration, so it is here to stay and will have a strong presence at Christmastime. To combine it, you can use white or gold, for example.

Champagne and Rose Gold

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Christmas decoration rose gold and champagne

The delicacy of these two colors provides an air of sophistication and romance in the home, especially to decorate for Christmas. On the one hand, there is the champagne color that looks elegant and, on the other hand, the Rose Gold that brings depth and modernity.

Therefore, it is identified as an ideal mix for people looking to show their originality through the decoration of their home. Thus representing the unconditional nature of these festivities.

Main types of trees in Christmas decoration 2021

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Main types of Christmas trees

Since memorable times, the Christmas tree is one of the most representative symbols of this time. Well, without a Christmas tree it is almost impossible to express in your home (or in any space) the joy and importance of this month of the year.

Today, two predominant trends are pointed out when it comes to the types of trees in Christmas decoration and here, we present these two formats :

1) The classic or traditional tree

This type of tree can be rooted or unrooted, different colors, tall or short, etc. One of its advantages is that it can be chosen to taste and combined in multiple ways. This is the most common option in all homes.

2) Abstract trees on the wall

They are characterized by giving freedom to the creativity of the users, because they can be built with different materials and adapted to the tastes of each one. Thus, generally, they are built with tubes, paper, stickers, corks, cards, garlands, shelves, etc. It is a more modern alternative.

Creative and inexpensive Christmas decoration ideas

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021-2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Most common Christmas decorations

Depending on the preference of each person, the decoration at Christmas can be very complex or very simple. But, whatever the case, there is the possibility of decorating your home creatively and cheaply, without spending a lot of money or complicating it.

That is why, below, we offer you several minimalistsminimalist and easy-to-do ideas to make your house look beautiful and, even so, allow you to save money at Christmas:

— Logs on the wall : It is a simple accessory in which, basically, a small log must be used to assemble a wall decoration that attracts attention. You can bet on strong colors to give more light in your space.

— The dry branches : Another idea for your Christmas decoration is to use the dry branches and display them in a beautiful vase with Christmas motifs. In addition, you can put hanging ornaments to give a more original touch.

— Green crowns for doors : If you want to decorate your doors, you can opt for the classic crowns made with branches, leaves, pinecones and other natural elements. Apart from being accessible, they never go out of style.

— Window screens: In case you want to decorate your windows at Christmas, we recommend using screens in a color that combines with all the decoration of the house. Even if you want to give them more prominence, we recommend installing colored lights.

— Centerpieces with Christmas spheres : Another important decorative element for this Christmas 2021, can be the small bowls that have Christmas spheres, candies or nuts. It is very common to use them.

— Small Christmas tree on a table or stand : Instead of using a large tree, you can simply display a small tree on a table. To enhance its style, we recommend going for the monochrome (that is, where white and gray tones reign).