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Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment

Maria de Piña
7 min read
Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment – Decor – WebMediums
Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment

Believe it or not, decorating a small apartment is easier than it seems, and here I will show you.

Small apartments are usually a decoration challenge, due to being closed environments and with little space. However, you can reverse the effects of these two factors, making your home a comfortable, fresh, dynamic and illuminated place.

Now concentrate, because to get the most out of each m² of your home, don't miss these decorating tips.

7 tips to learn how to decorate a small apartment

Don't worry, even the smallest apartment has a solution in terms of decoration and style. The key in your decorative route is to take advantage of every meter and resource of your home with these tips.

1. Do not decorate thinking of other apartments

Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment – Decor – WebMediums
Decorate small apartment

Although it seems basic, this is a mistake that is often made when decorating a small apartment.

What happens is that you think of the style and decoration of other larger apartments, and when placing the elements and colors in the small apartment, they do not fit and do not offer the same effect.

The same happens if we compare with a small house, although they may be similar in size, the houses may have other elements that some apartments do not. Such as more windows, beams, high ceilings and even split rooms, which some apartments don't have.

However, this should not be a limitation, see it as a way to explore new ways of decorating, taking advantage of the elements that your apartment has in your favor.

2. Do not be afraid to unify the environments

Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment – Decor – WebMediums
How to decorate a small apartment: Unifying the environments

Do not give up on having a dining room, or a room with a well decorated and stylish kitchen, you can have it all in one place, but strategically distributed.

If you have a living room, determine the environments, implement furniture, colors and decorations, because with only the furniture you will notice that they are different environments within a shared space.

Do not worry about space, being a small place, obviously you will not have much, but between furniture you should try to leave free centimeters to be able to pass and not look crowded.

3. Choose custom small furniture

Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment – Decor – WebMediums
Breakfast bar to decorate small apartment

To decorate a small apartment, a crucial point is the choice of furniture, and in order not to worry about space and unify the environments, custom furniture should be chosen.

Fortunately, the world of furniture has expanded, both for large designs, as well as for smaller and more compact ones. In this, in advance, measure the environments, this will give you a clear orientation of the size that these pieces of furniture require.

As for the main furniture in the room, it is advisable to only use an armchair, and if you have a few more centimeters, you can opt for poufs. This is because it will allow you to place a small living room furniture and the other elements of the rest of the environments.

For its part, the most optimal dining rooms to decorate a small apartment are those with a small circular table with 3 or 4 seats. But if your measurements are smaller, you can choose between the following options:

  • Small block dining tables with 4 seats.

  • Modular bar type fixed to the wall with 2 or 3 seats.

  • Breakfast bar for 2 seats.

The important thing with the last two options is not to leave it simple, decorate it as if it were a modern dining room, integrate some hanging lamps, just above the table, a frame or ornament on the wall, and if you can, a small rug.

4. Choose a light color palette

For our route on how to decorate a small apartment, something that we cannot forget is light colors. These generally provide a feeling of spaciousness and clarity, something that is vital in closed spaces.

In this sense, try to choose a light color palette, in this you will work by blocks. Integrate pure white and some of its derivatives, these next to pastel colors or dusty tones, and classics such as beige, light and medium gray, which are safe bets in your decoration.

To decorate a small apartment, emphasize the lighter colors on the walls, furniture, accessories and decorations, you can fill them with the most vivid tones of the palette.

However, to give texture to your decoration, do not forget to integrate specific materials, such as wood, metal and glass.

Although your base is light colors, you can make use of some vibrant or intense ones, but these stand out only on one wall, in some ornaments or in details of small tiles.

5. Ensure lighting

Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment – Decor – WebMediums
lights to decorate small apartment

If you don't know how to decorate a small apartment, with these tips you will have learned to give it style and harmony. However, it is at this point that many disapprove, and that is that light in small and closed spaces is an aspect of great importance.

Already with the light colors, you will have contributed to this, but you need to project good lighting so that the environment looks spacious and alive. This is intensified if the apartment does not have large windows, where natural light cannot be used.

In this sense, and in order not to clutter the space with lamps, choose 1 pendant lamp for the dining room, and implement recessed LED lights for the rest of the environments.

As for recessed ceiling lights, the most basic are spotlights, however, there are different elegant and modern models to give the environment personality.

Another option is modern wall lamps, but choose only a few positioned in a specific place, so as not to add volume to objects when decorating a small apartment.

6. Divide the environments

Get to know the best tips to decorate a small apartment – Decor – WebMediums
Room dividers to decorate a small apartment

In the event that you have a room, but want a more private environment; such is the case of the room, or generate a more evident division, you can achieve it with room dividers.

Room dividers can be furniture or panels of some material that creates a barrier. This should not necessarily enclose an environment, but mark a limit.

Among the dividers you can implement are:

  • Interior blinds.

  • Crystal quarters.

  • Half built wall.

  • narrow wall

  • Modular type cube bookcase.

7. Few frills and minimalist design

Finally, for you to learn how to decorate a small apartment, you must implement the principle of minimalism. Less is more is a term you will use in most of your décor, no matter what style you prefer.

In this sense, the decorations should be reduced, use them, but only the essential ones to give it an attractive touch and fill the space. Tables should have only one decoration, and the simpler the better. Shelves and auxiliary furniture should not be cluttered with objects.

In turn, following the minimalist design, look for all your furniture to maintain this style, keeping everything simple, but functional, protecting objects and keeping everything tidy.

This practice helps to give the feeling of spaciousness when decorating a small apartment, being in turn a rule in the decoration of small environments.