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How to apply the romantic style at home?

Maria de Piña
6 min read
How to apply the romantic style at home? – Decor – WebMediums
Learn how to apply the romantic decoration style at home

There is a wide range of decorative trends and almost every day we perceive the birth of something new, but the classics never go out of style. The romantic decoration style has a long history, but it continues to evolve and surprise us.

Softness and freshness are some of the elements that define this concept, and can give your home an excellent atmosphere of tranquility.

The romantic style has nothing complicated and despite being a classic, it is closely linked to modernism. It's a very good choice, and if you want to make it a part of your home, read on to learn how!

What defines the romantic decoration style?

In order to capture it correctly, we must know what defines it, starting from its essence we will have a clear vision of what we want inside the home.

First of all, it has an inclination to elegance, although its application conveys freshness, without neglecting refinement. It is not linked to extravagance, on the contrary, its best expression is manifested in minimalist details.

Its color palette is very soft, seeking to project a cozy feeling of warmth.

Timelessness is also part of the hallmark of this style, and to this is added a peculiar versatility to be combined with other decorative trends.

The elements that best connect with this style are those that are related to nature. Everything that comes from the artisanal and artistic current is also very well accepted, as long as it has that rustic aspect, but subtle at the same time.

How to apply a romantic decoration?

Making a change of image to your home with this type of decoration is quite simple. You only have to pay attention to a few details so that you use the correct elements.

It is not about watering flowers and hearts, because here you will see step by step what to do.

Choose soft and delicate colors

How to apply the romantic style at home? – Decor – WebMediums
Soft colors for romantic rooms

Start by choosing a line of soft colors, the romantic is not only limited to pink, cream colors and pastel tones are quite varied and applicable to this trend.

Beige, brown and even gray serve as a base, without forgetting the essential white.

On the other hand, you can add other more attractive tones, but equally delicate, such as purple, lavender, aqua green, and of course red in its more opaque presentations. The idea is that the tone is neutral, fresh and welcoming. 

Furniture and materials

This style goes very well with the vintage theme, so you can opt for antique-style furniture, with classic figures and stylized curves.

Wood is one of the most widely applied materials, and achieves excellent integration by adding a rustic touch.

Shelves, chests of drawers and chests of drawers that have engraved details will look great, even more so if they have colors that match the tones of the room.

Patterned or neutral colored cushions are a detail that cannot be missing from your furniture.

When we go to the area of textile materials, prints are one of the best weapons, you can use them to cover furniture or translate them into walls or carpets.

You must also implement in certain elements, materials that reflect elegance. Silk, cotton, linen, satin and velvet are your best options, they will give you a very stylish look.

ornaments and accessories

How to apply the romantic style at home? – Decor – WebMediums
Flowers and plants to decorate romantic style environments

As for these details, keep a simple and minimalist line, but with a lot of sentimentality, look for emotions to be transmitted through each piece. You can use all the wood or glass decorations you want, as these are the ideals in the trend.

Use wide vases as centerpieces, and candles are also a great resource for the romantic setting. You can integrate details typical of the elegant current, such as the large central lamps with crystal figures or the chandeliers.

The frames you use for paintings, portraits and mirrors, try to be neutral, linear and simple, or have artistic details that make them look old.

On the other hand, do not leave aside the natural, since it is one of your greatest strengths in terms of details. Small plants are very practical elements that can make your decoration stand out greatly, if you place them in the right space.

In turn, do not miss the floral theme, since it is ideal to convey the essence of the style.

good natural lighting

The romantic style transmits a lot of light and warmth, so you must ensure that each space enjoys good lighting. In this sense, large windows are perfect, so try to take advantage of natural light as much as possible.

Also, with the windows you can wear long curtains, which are linked with the romantic air, even if you pick them up during the day.

When you integrate lamps, try to give them a bit of that nostalgic current from the past, so that they do not present an image that is too modern.

What should I watch out for when decorating in a romantic style?

Both so that it is reflected correctly without making mistakes, and so that it is not confused with another style, here I show you what you should take care of when decorating.

  • Be careful with the amount of details you use: Do not forget that you are looking for a fresh and welcoming image, and the accumulation of many elements overwhelms the view.

  • Combine colors very well : So that the variety and transition from one room to another is noticed. One of the most common mistakes is to create uniformity with color, and this makes the environment monotonous.

  • Do not abuse flowers and prints : Although they are one of your best allies, you will go from a romantic style to a more spring-like atmosphere, losing the timeless essence.

The romantic style is one of the best options to fill your home with life and freshness regardless of the date of the year. And with these decoration tips, you will certainly know what to do in your interiors.