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How to decorate the guest room?

Maria de Piña
6 min read
How to decorate the guest room

Learn how to decorate the guest room so that it is a comfortable and welcoming place for your guests. When you decorate your house you cannot forget to do something special with this room, remember that it will speak a lot about you.

You always have to be prepared to receive unexpected visitors, and one of the best ways to be cautious is to decorate the guest room to perfection, so that no matter the day, we can offer it with confidence.

Get ready to surprise your guests, and create a special place for everyone to want to return. Take note of all the suggestions and get to work to renovate the visiting room.

What should a guest room have?

The first thing you should be clear about is that your visits do not want to feel uncomfortable, so what you should try to do is provide a fresh, light and pleasant environment, with a good touch of style and comfort, for this, here are the elements you need to achieve it.

Comfortable bed

The main element that generates comfort is this, so it makes sure that the bed is comfortable enough, like its pillows and all its implements.

Comfortable double bed

To do this, choose a quality mattress that is firm, in turn padded and moldable to the body.

The bed model for guests is recommended to be matrimonial type, since it will be perfect if they visit you as a couple. However, if the space is small, opt for an individual one so that it does not affect you by including the other decoration elements.

Keep the colors of the bedding in light and fresh tones, do not apply anything extravagant, choose a color that is pleasant for anyone.

A place for the suitcase

Normally, visitors have one or more suitcases depending on the length of their stay, define a space so that they can place and dispose of them easily.

Mini closet made of wood

For this, wide shelves or high benches are useful, it also applies to place a discreet table or a simple closet made by you with several levels, this in case the room does not have a private closet.

Apply lighting well

It always leaves a space for natural light, so it is recommended that the room have windows, giving a greater sense of freedom, it also allows the inclusion of curtains that decorate the space.

Addressable wall lamps

As for artificial lighting, divide the projection according to the space, you can have a central light and an independent one for specific places in which a more accentuated clarity is required. Implement lamps that provide dimming in this way will be much more practical.

Practical wardrobe

The guest room does not require a large chest of drawers with many drawers and drawers, although it is necessary to place one that is a bit simple, but practical, without taking up too much space.

Minimalist chest of drawers

Do not replace it with old furniture that you do not want to throw away, put something that is simple, cute and that goes with the style of the decoration of the room.

You can decorate its surface with natural elements such as flowers, indoor plants, with a sculpture or a box with typography, these in a very neutral current.

Furniture to sit

Not only the bed is the main resting place, you should include a comfortable chair, a single sofa, a pouf, or even a rocking chair. It is always good that there is another alternative to bed in case you want to read a book or complete a task on the computer.

Modern auxiliary furniture for bedrooms

Create a specific area with them and place them in one of the corners of the room, always taking into account what type of seat is more favorable for you, depending on the space.

Minimalist environment

This is the best choice to make a decoration that can last and does not require such frequent renovation. The fact that it is simple in terms of details and colors does not imply that you separate them from freshness, it is only about avoiding excesses.

Minimalist bedrooms

Use ornaments in moderation, and avoid prints on the walls, lean more to unique colors, do not overload the bed with cushions, and look for all the details you include to be functional, such as a point for coats or where to place the cell phone.

Add a cozy touch

This room should project an image that feels very different from what a stay in a hotel room would be, so apply some details that give it a more welcoming and personal sense. You can add a classic painting, or personalized ornaments to achieve this experience.

Decorated entertaining area for bedrooms

Put all the comfort at hand, have extra towels already arranged in the room, and any other accessory that the guest may need. At the same time, he integrates some books as a distraction suggestion or even a television.

What you should not do in the guest room

Avoid at all costs turning it into a place to store decorations and furniture that you no longer want, as it will become a mixture of things that are already worn with a very bad image, which gives the impression of sleeping in an attic.

Simple and neat rooms

Do not make it an experimental area, it is fine to add some unique and innovative touches, however, the slightest mistake in terms of your risky proposal can cause a bad image.

Avoid putting off cleaning, since a visit can be very surprising and unexpected. It is surprising how quickly a room collects dust, which is why it is also recommended that its decoration be simple so that it is easy to clean constantly.

Avoid incense in guest bedrooms

Be careful with the use of elements in the decoration that have aromas, such as candles, flowers or incense. Remember that there are many people sensitive to smell, and you could make the room uninhabitable for a specific guest.

Decorate your guest room with the same enthusiasm that you would like them to decorate for you, and put all those details that you would like to find if you were to visit someone's house, this is the secret to make them a perfect place.


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