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Meet the colors for modern bedrooms 2022

Versatile and timeless tones that will fill your room with style

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Meet the colors for modern bedrooms 2022

We all want a room where we can rest and be in privacy, but also with great style, and this begins by choosing the colors for modern bedrooms well.

Following the line of style set by experts in interior decoration, here we show you what is taking in terms of tones in current bedrooms.

Color trends for modern bedrooms

Currently, there is a wide variety of color trends, the vast majority have their pale and cozy presentation. But this does not limit your choice, since there is room for more intense, striking tones, and without losing track of our eternal ones.

Now, take a look at these colors and create the atmosphere you've always dreamed of.

pale sky blue

pale sky blue

This is a shade of sky blue with a low intensity. Being pale it subtracts brightness, making it more neutral and sober, at the same time it provides a cold, but cozy sensation.

You can integrate it into the walls or as part of the textiles or accessories, as it is not very intense you will have no limits when taking it to your bedroom.

Keep in mind that to subtract a little the cold that it produces visually, you should combine it with other warm or dark tones, but in details. Black and some slightly darker shades of brown are perfect for this.

On the other hand, its best allies to generate color palettes are white, ecru, beige, pale pink and pastel green.

pink stick

pink stick

Among the range of pinks, this is one of the most sought after, not only for girls' rooms, it is also part of the colors for modern double bedrooms, since it offers a romantic and cozy landscape.

To combine them, you have shades such as beige, white and gray as the main ones. As secondary tones are pastel green, black, gold, brown and even ocher in small quantities.

If you don't want to clutter the room with pale pink, you can use it only in accessories and some textiles, highlighted on a very light white or gray base.

pale gray

Colors for modern light gray bedrooms

This is one of the lightest shades of grey, and is perfect for a safe modern bedroom. This shade has remained a trend for several years and will continue to be so thanks to its versatility.

It fits with different types of styles and you can find countless accessories to decorate.

You can combine it with white, beige, ecru and give it touches of black, pale pink, ocher, light brown and of course, medium and dark gray. The latter will help accentuate some objects within the room.

Yellow mustard

Yellow mustard

We start with the most intense colors, and leading up we show you mustard yellow. This is vibrant, energetic and very happy, it is a tone that attracts the attention of many and although some do not consider it entirely for a bedroom, go ahead and apply it, as it will give it a great style.

What you should keep in mind is the power of colors, shades like this project a lot of energy ; you should apply them in accessories and not in the entire room. The idea is to create a cozy and restful environment, but if you go too far with mustard yellow, you will not rest.

Apply this hue to sheets, blankets, cushions, auxiliary furniture and even lamps, combining them with other more neutral and lighter colors.

Include white in the decoration, this will help you balance your color palette without saturating the environment.

Navy blue

Colors for modern bedrooms: Navy blue

This is one of the most intense colors for modern bedrooms, however, its uniqueness brings elegance and modernity to any environment.

You can combine them with touches of gold, black, pale pink, intense green and even mustard yellow. However, a color that should be on a par with navy blue is white, this to balance the intensity.

You can even use white as the main color, and navy blue in accessories and textiles. This also helps to give more light to the place and avoid the darkness that this intense color usually causes.

dark teal green

dark teal green

Its intensity and at the same time energy are something that the most open minds will love. This is a green color with blue undertones in a strong state, a quality that makes it very dark for interiors.

However, as always, there are ways to integrate tones like this and not shrink or dull the room. To do this, look for complements with white, in this way you will have more lighting and you will highlight the bluish green.

You can use it with different modern styles of decoration along with other cheerful colors in some accessories, just remember not to saturate the environment with this intense tone.

white bedrooms

Trendy white bedrooms

Whether you like the Scandinavian decor style or not, there are plenty of good reasons to opt for white as the only or main color in your bedroom.

The main thing is that this type of tone is radiant, that is, it offers you greater luminosity and with it a greater feeling of spaciousness. This is a perfect idea for small bedrooms, but in those with more centimeters it will also look great.

When using white throughout the environment, you must play with the textures of the materials that you will implement. Apply a base sheet, but include woven cotton covers or blankets, white wood and elements with smooth and shiny finishes will make the place interesting.

This does not mean that white is your only color, you can choose accessories, cushions or decorations with 1 or 3 colors that give character to your decoration, although only in small touches. Tones such as black, gold, gray, raw beige and even brown.


Greige colors for modern bedrooms

This is an innovation among colors for modern bedrooms, it is the perfect union between gray and beige. His image is warm, but with energy and style.

You can combine it with light colors such as white, and integrate shades such as beige and gray in their different levels of intensity for some accessories and textiles.

This hue is part of the neutral palette, so a few touches of black, gold, green, ochre, mustard, brown and the natural tone of wood and fiber can make a big difference in your interior decoration.

You already know what the colors for modern bedrooms are this year, so don't let time pass any longer and include them in your renovations.


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Ralph Zachary
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