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Plants for the bathroom, natural decorations that fall in love

Irene de Espinoza
4 min read

There are thousands of bathroom plants that can make this space a magical and 100% natural place. Rest assured that you will get a unique and relaxing look for your special moments and rest in it.

Bathrooms can have thousands of decorations, some modern, elegant, classic, but without a doubt, natural decorations are the ones that attract our attention.

We show you the most beautiful and essential plants to put in the bathroom that you will find.

Plants for the bathroom, natural decorations that fall in love
Plants for the bathroom that give a unique touch.

Let's start with the PHILODENDRON

These beautiful plants, also known as Philodendrons, have a design of large green leaves that are observed in fall. They need good lighting to stay beautiful. It requires constant watering and fertilizer for its care.

The good thing about this type of plants is placing them in the bathroom is perfect for them, because despite needing lighting to look beautiful, artificial lighting is better for them because direct sunlight can mistreat them.

Plants for the bathroom, natural decorations that fall in love
Beautiful leafy plants with incredible flowers.

When flowering you will be able to observe a beautiful resemblance of these with the coves; however, its flowers only come with slightly yellowish whitish tones.

You must take care of some aspects of this plant, if its leaves fall very frequently it may be due to the temperature of the environment, or the bathroom is very hot or, on the contrary, it is very cold, there you must rotate it a little to moderate its appearance..

Ferns or hydras can never be missing

These are beautiful indoor plants that delight us with their lush leaves. We can hang them and drop their beautiful branches. They are perfect for decorating bathrooms with natural aspects.

If you love plants, ferns can never be missing at home, especially for the bathroom. They are plants that of course look more beautiful when they receive light, but they also have delicate aspects, so if they receive direct sun they can be damaged.

Humid spaces are very good for it, if you notice that its leaves take on a very yellowish tone, you should change their place and place them in the shade without forgetting watering, since it can dry out and lose its beauty.

Plants for the bathroom, natural decorations that fall in love
Ferns to hang in your bathrooms.

Pothos or Photos plants to put in the bathroom in special spaces

This plant should not be confused with the Philodendron, since it is different in some aspects, including its care. The pothos are perfect in the bathroom decorations and the humidity of it suits them very well.

They should not take direct sunlight and their appearance is very beautiful to decorate. In the case of pothos, weekly watering is required and the space that best suits it is semi-dark.

This plant is very daring for decorations with FENG SHUI styles, since it radiates strength and life in the space in which it is found.

Plants for the bathroom, natural decorations that fall in love
Plants that transmit relaxing environments.

peace lily

These beautiful plants native to Mexico and Malaysia are one of the most used in interior decorations. Its flowers are very beautiful and transmit beauty and tranquility.

Ideal for spaces where they not only decorate for their beauty, but also transmit that peace and relaxation. Peace lilies are very strong; however, they look most beautiful when they live in dimly lit spaces.

You can grow them in your average sized pot, as they tend to grow profusely, place it in a corner of your bathroom and see what a change it will bring.

Plants for the bathroom, natural decorations that fall in love
Plants for the bathroom

To take into account:

  • The plants that are usually used in bathrooms are those that can withstand and take advantage of humidity.

  • Despite being indoor plants, it is necessary to accompany them with artificial light

  • Its irrigation cannot be missing, taking advantage of the space to be watered as appropriate is essential.

  • It must be constantly observed, when presenting changes in flowers or leaves it is good to move them from place.

These are the best plant options to put in the bathroom that will make this space truly beautiful and relaxing. Bathrooms with natural details are unique, you can accompany these decorations with objects made of wood, stones or maybe some bamboo.