Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet

Saharay Perez Bautista
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Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
Fashion Shoes 2021

If there is something that does not lack in a lady's wardrobe, is the footwear. All stylish women are attracted to a good pair of shoes, as they are the most important accessory of any look.

Considering that, the correct shoes are able to completely transform a set of garments.

In effect, if you want to show elegance, improve your appearance and always be at the forefront, it is important that you know wich are the fashion shoes 2021. Since, beyond being a female obsession, it is the key to an attire to capture any fashionista's attention.

Therefore, the footwear has the strength and ability necessary for create a good or bad impression, depending on your trend and the combination that the person performs along with the other garments.

So, so that a closet is complete, beyond the pants and dresses, you must have a good arsenal of shoes that look fashion.

Define who you are with your footwear

According to Omri Gillath, a scientist at the University of Kansas, it is possible to predict with great precision the characteristics of a person through his footwear.

So, shoes are an identity sign that beyond transmitting values and confidence, can give to know the personality of those who show it.

In addition to the affirmation of said scientist, it is also worth noting that, there are many psychologists who ensure that it is possible to glimpse the character of a woman by the shoes she wears.

That's why, the iconic Marilyn Monroe always accentuates that “If you give the right pair of shoes to a woman, she could conquer the world”.

Therefore, each type of footwear says something about the person who has them, basically, fulfilling the saying “Tell me what shoes you wear, and I'll tell you who you are”.

Given this, then we let you know what can glimpse the types of women's shoes to fashion from one way or another:

Heels: According to a study, the higher the shoes the less emotional stability. In addition, they are whimsical, direct, confident and indecisive women, with anxious to draw everyone's attention.

Tennis: Usually, they are emotionally stable people and little prone to attachments, dependence and anxiety.

In addition, it is known that those who prefer to wear Tennis Converse are pleasant and introverted at the same time.

Boots: Each type of boot defines a personality certainly different. For example, the motorcyclist boots define someone egocentric, distrusting, reserved and intelligent.

While, the mountaineering boots include stubborn personalities and those who use high boot tend to be unique and evading intimate relationships.

Fashion shoes: In the case of women, they tend to worry about the appearance and what others think of themselves. But, they are kept attracted to conserving their relationships.

Shoes careless (very used): In short, they are people who do not pay attention to what they will say. Indeed, they are emotionally stable, extroverted and sensible.

What are the fashion shoes 2021? Meet the current trend

Depending on what has been observed in the catwalks during what is going from year, the designers and fashionistas have proposed a remarkable variety of shoe designs in their collections. In them, specifically, you can see many colors together with bold, fun and daring designs.

If you think a couple of footwear says more than a thousand words, and you love to look at fashion always, it's time you know what are fashion women's shoes 2021 in order to stay at the forefront and Capture the look of many people on the street:

The loafers

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
Ladies of Lady.

It consists of a type of shoe originally masculine sole hard. Which, nowadays, has marked an iconic trend for ladies and has been proposed as an ideal design for foot rest, at the same time as grants glamor to clothing garments with which It is combined.

One of the most recurrent and elegant, are those that have golden links at the top that guarantee a lot of style. Even, women are numerous fashion lovers have chosen to use their loafers with socks in sight to look more chic.

Even, during this season, they see Moccasins High(either with platforms or heels) that give a more original touch.

In addition, some designers have opted to draw unexpected versions of the classic moccasin, both with flashy colors and animal skin prints. Remember that, the moccasins are a timeless style, and you can always make you look great.

Medium-heeled shoes and low

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
Average heel, a very sophisticated proposal

Undoubtedly, one of the most sophisticated proposals of the moment. Which, have fine and low heels with clear and vibrant tonalities to provide a more elegant and refined look, at the same time that provides comfort to the ladies.

Through this type of footwear, it is obtained a slightly retro aspect, but with modern details; Such u as the novierto style.

Which means that, the platform shoes stayed in 2010 and is sophisticated proposal has come to stay.

The block heel

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
The block heel is comfortable and elegant

It is a heel that offers comfort, as well as practical to combine with any garment and always gives a touch of elegance to the woman, whatever her style. These have taken out of the needle heels that, in addition to being obsolete, are very exhausting.

If you choose to choose a neutral color block heel, the ideal will be to mix it with a garment that shows patterns and bright colors. Whether with a striking coat, a high pants or a casual dress.

Hairy shoes

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
Bold Hairy Shoes for Lady 2021

Inspired by slippers, this type of shoes are still a trend in the catwalks. Especially, for the autumn-winter season. Even though for many women it is highly risky, the truth is that the most daring and fashionistas have been encouraged to have in their closet some hairy shoes.

It is necessary to emphasize that, the hairy shoes of Gucci and its success confirms that extravagance has returned to the fashion industry to stay for a long time.

Taking into account that, the amount of its sales has ended up raising the designers.

Powerful platforms

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
Modern platforms

For no one is a secret that, the 60s and 80 'are still having a presence in the most modern collections. Such is the case of the large platforms that are trend for autumn and winter 2021 and even, for numerous proposals of 2022.

This, thanks to the fact that the platforms have everything in one pair of shoes: glamor, trust and courage. Highlighting that, by nature, they give a much more stylized style to women, thanks to a few centimeters more high.

Musketera Boots

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
The musketera boots are very sensual

If you like the type of female wedding that lasts above the knee, and it remains like a second skin, it is the perfect time to look. This type of footwear, will be pondered as one of the bestsellers during this year and, in short, guarantees a very chic look to women.

By nature, these adjusted boots are a type of glamorous and striking garment that can be combined in many ways (minities, leggins, pants, skirts, etc.).

Additionally, they represent the sensuality of the ladies and can even give an erotic touch.

Tips to choose the ideal shoe

Fashion Shoes 2021: Make sure you have them all in your Closet
How to choose the ideal footwear?

Do you want to choose the perfect footwear for you, but you still have not found the key to doing it? Do not worry, here we will give you 6 tips of great help to choose the boot that suits your needs and at the same time, have 2021 fashion shoes in your wardrobe to look surprising:

1. Select the correct size: It is paramount to buy a shoe that is coupled to the shape of your foot, considering that, the choice of a timely size ensures the success of the selection of your pair of shoes. To do this, try it on both feet, observes the width well, prevents it from slipping forward or pinching the skin.

2.opts for a good aesthetic: Another important recommendation is to select a comfortable and functional footwear at a time. That is, in addition to being beautiful, this must take care of your health and guarantee as much comfort as possible.

3. Evaluates the shoe sole: As the sole is the part of contact against the soil, it is an essential element to ensure the comfort of footwear.

So, verify that you have channels with a correct depth in the back, you do not choose hard or smooth materials and notes that your profile is well-defined.

4. An absorbent material is preferable: it is also appropriate to use a shoe manufactured with an absorbent material. Since, it can attenuate the heat on the foot and prevents the spread of infections.

Highlighting that, a quality material inside the shoe is indispensable to obtain comfort and avoid bad odors. Our advice is that you choose a shoe made in leather.

5. Value the use that you will give your shoe pair: It is essential that you keep in mind when, where and what are you going to use your shoes?

Either to practice sports activities, to use on day to day or to dress, for example. Make sure you use the most adapted for each occasion.

6. If you want heels, they must have a slight elevation: Ideal heels that guarantee comfort have to provide a slight lift that is between ¾ inch and one inch.

Otherwise, they can be uncomfortable and even affecting the health of the foot.