The Karl Lagerfeld fashion designer will be honored with a series of Disney

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The Karl Lagerfeld fashion designer will be honored with a series of Disney
The icon of the fashion industry, Karl Lagerfeld

One of the news that has generated the most emotion among fashion lovers, is that the path of Karl Lagerfeld, the Káiser of Fashion, will be taken to the screen. Well, Disney announced the production of “Káiser Karl” that it is a series on this iconic fashion designer and basically, he will be Focused on the crossing of said character to be the successor of Coco Chanel.

After more than two years of his death, Disney made the decision to deepen the world of fashion Kaiser and in his character that, after a notable popularity, also gathered a mystery that still keeps catching the Attention of numerous people in the world. Taking into account that, this German designer managed to score a before and after in the field of fashion.

Thus, it is the first dramatic series focused on making known the life and trajectory of this figure of fashion that was a great emblem of Chanel, Fendi, Balmain, Chloé and Patou. Thanks to what, she was transformed into a legend that left an unforgettable footprint to her followers.

Now, it is necessary to detail that, the argument of this series produced by Disney goes back in the summer of 1972, just a year before the death of Coco Chanel, the designer of French origin with greater success Until now. Since then, the work will let know how Karl Lagerfeld created a personal brand as original and controversial at the same time.

How many episodes will the iconic Disney series have?

So far, it is known that this work will consist of a total of six episodes. Which, will be shot in Europe, specifically in France and these, in turn, will be produced by the Gala Gaumont company. Recall that this company dealt with the creation of “Lupine”, one of the 10 most watched contents on the Streaming Netflix platform during the year 2021.

Regarding the premiere of the famous German designer series died in 2018, we highlight that, will be released on the Disney + platform; As Jan Koeppen said, the president of The Walt Disney Company Emea. This clarification was offered at the Series Mania Festival that brings together the main leaders of the international audiovisual industry with European policymakers, in northern France.

One of the most ambitious Disney + projects during the last years

Even though it is a miniseries, the truth is that “Káiser Karl” symbolizes one of the biggest challenges for this company of entertainment. Which, has opted for risking during the last times and that is why, it is characterized as a work that perfectly represents the kind of stories that they wish to tell their viewers today.

One of the greatest challenges, is that the German fashion designer never allowed no type of biography to come to light. Mainly, due to the mysteries that surrounded the trajectory of it and at the same time, they caused controversy in the fashion industry and in a world where “appearances seem to be everything”.

However, in 2010, some authors published unauthorized books on the memory of Lagerfeld, emphasizing their rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent, the recognized fashion house of French origin. All this and much more, will be adapted to a television work so that the life of the fashion Kaijer is counted as deserves; This is how Koeppen said.

Karl Lagerfeld: A summary of his life and his professional career

The Karl Lagerfeld fashion designer will be honored with a series of Disney
The beginnings of fashionable kaiser

He was born in Hamburg, Germany September 10, 1933. Since he was a teenager, this icon of the fashion industry showed a great passion for the visual arts and to be able to take a new path, from Then, it began to learn the French with the aim of moving. So, he concluded high school in Paris and later, he specialized in history and drawing.

At 22 years old, Karl Otto Lagerfeld got the first place in a coat design contest and thanks to this, acquired a job in the fashion house “Pierre Balmain”. Next, in 1958, he became artistic director of Jean Patou, the French stylist and perfume.

In 1964, Lagerfeld decides to continue his studies in art history in the city of Rome, Italy and besides this, starts his work at the Tiziano firm. In addition, he opts for work independently in brands such as Valentino, Jourdan and Krizia.

Three years later, thanks to its inclusion of rabbit and squirrel skins, the German designer receives a contract to work with Fendi on a line of skins. Since then, he begins to earn a lot of fame and his role in the fashion industry gets great value.

However, after the death of Coco Chanel in 1971, Karl Lagerfeld manages to boost Chanel firm in 1983, after the fashion house was so succumbed. With this, the name of it takes power internationally and as a consequence, begins to be recognized as “The Káiser of Fashion”; Taking into account that, in addition to keeping the refined style of the brand, he also added new clothes and modern and timeless accessories that caught the attention of fashion fans.

It should be noted that, all this was a challenge for the German designer, since no one wanted to wear Chanel, after the death of its founder. However, he insisted tirelessly until he achieved success and thanks to her desire to resurrect something that was dead, he became an icon of the fashion industry in all parts of the world.

Now, at 85 years of age, specifically the February 19, 2019; Karl Lagerfeld dies in Paris, the capital of France. We remember that, the Káiser of Fashion had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, being a disease that he suffered in secret for a long time. However, what is actually given death after being hospitalized, was a complication in the prostate.