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New technology used for Beauty products

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These novel methods for applying makeup, creams and more, make beauty products much more specific but also more expensive.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums
"Makeup flatlay of high-end beauty products" by Johanne Kristensen on Unsplash

The world of beauty is anything but easy, and the market is placed in a shark pond with big companies eating others to get bigger and bigger, reaching every little place in terrestrial globalization.

New technologies are essential, and competition is increasing. L'Oréal knows this very well, which since 2018 proclaimed that it no longer wanted to be just a firm, the number one, it should be noted. If not, she wanted to be named "The number one beauty technology company in the world."

This article is aimed at the development of makeup and beauty products, up to the new technologies used to improve the experience of using these different elements that should not be lacking in the daily use of many women.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums

Presence of makeup in the world

Makeup has been used for centuries, the different tones to play with the look of our face has been rooted since the civilization of the Mesopotamians, back in 4000 BC. Then it spreads to the Arabs and Egyptians with its incredible "kohl", with which the eyes were delineated in feline form. Currently, we know that it is a trend that is maintained, although in a much more defined way, due to the constant change in fashion.

Cleopatra, the geisha, and the Queen of Scotland and England, Elizabeth I, were undoubtedly masters of the art of beauty products in ancient times. Today, several of his recipes have been transferred to large companies of cosmetics and care products for women.

Cosmetics are not only ink and now, the best products are those belonging to companies that have been doing studies for years, where they use: science, nature, nanorobotics and augmented reality for quality tests and improvement of each shadow, lipstick, skin base, creams, oils and other aesthetic products.

They are formulas that have been studied for a long time, and are being used en masse in countless products. They are reflected in the needs dictated by women in the world. Covering everything that every woman in the world asks for is very difficult to do, but if you want to stay in business, innovation will be your card up your sleeve.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums

What do women normally ask for in beauty products?

The sectors most full of specific products are those that have been discovered as the main needs of women on this issue in general; We can say that the products to camouflage and highlight characteristic feminine features are: lips, eyes, eyebrows, and skin color.

But you have to understand that there is not only a prototype of lips, eyes, eyebrows and skin color, not all women can use the same product, because it would clearly be exclusive, and the idea of using these beauty products is to feel good, to stand out. your colors, your eyes and other attributes. We could not do that with the base of shades lighter or darker than our color.

This is exactly what is required, diversity and the same care for each race, for each type of woman. And yes, it is a reality that is being seen which includes those needs.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums

Artificial intelligence skin tone

Choosing your perfect foundation is simply an odyssey, because there are so many colors and so many brands. Which do not share the same color palette, this only causes you to be in total limbo and you end up choosing the one that most closely resembles it, although after buying it, you test it well and it turns out to be much lighter than your tone. I know, it has happened to me too.

And to every woman who goes in search of her base it has also happened at least once. For this reason, Lancôme has created a small sensor to determine what your skin color is, and after a few minutes they will make your personalized base.

This would seem incredible if it weren't for the cost of these custom products.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums

Makeup applications digitally

Today there are many applications that can help you with the task of putting on makeup without actually doing it. Snapchat's fame in 2013 spawned a wave of similar makeup- only platforms, and these are becoming more realistic as technology advances.

Some with the largest number of users who use them frequently, we can say that they are: Facetune, Mary Kay, YouCam Make up, YouCam Perfect, L'oréal Make Up Genius, among others.

Its main function is to help decide what type of colors of each female characteristic are best suited to a specific woman. With only the camera of our phones we can see ourselves with hair, blonde, pink, red. Dramatic makeup, light, etc.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums

Printed makeup

Yes, the long hours of laborious makeup can be summed up in a matter of minutes with the makeup print. Which has been studied, with prototypes included since 2019. It can be estimated that in the not-so-distant future, we will be being made up by robots.

This does not seem to represent good news for the Make Up artists, the truth is that the prototypes continue to advance to reach the goal. They use facial recognition technology, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and image recognition.

New technology used for Beauty products – Fashion – WebMediums

Smart mirror

This mirror is nothing more than a sensor, which when approaching your face studies and detects different types of deformity or "skin details", after this it recommends different types of products.

This is a prototype that has been on the market for a long time, the truth is that dermatologists are concerned about its use, since it can generate certain disagreements for the people who use it or some type of damage. Because it is still an object that does not accurately tell a diagnosis, its responses are mostly random.

With all these technologies emerging you have to be careful, as not all of them are totally harmless or trustworthy. The traditional is not going to go away, but the idea is not to stay either. Remember that balance is essential in every aspect, especially if we refer to beauty care.