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Cybersecurity: more necessary than before

Ramiro Guzman
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Cybersecurity: more necessary than before – Free Code – WebMediums
Computer attacks are becoming more frequent, and it is very useful to strengthen cybersecurity.

Since the birth of the internet, Cybersecurity has become an element of great interest to everyone.

This tool has made it possible to counteract major attacks, data theft, and has even given way to new laws that govern web browsing. The problem is that the more protection methods there are, the more threats are created.

The multiple creators of malware or computer viruses are increasingly cunning and complicate the task of those who focus on security.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to talk a little about this topic and determine some strategies to protect yourself from this growing danger.

What is cybersecurity?

It can be defined as a tool responsible for safeguarding all information of a confidential nature that can be found on any electronic device.

At the same time, it leads the way in protecting against cybercrimes, such as data hijacking or identity theft. It grants access to protocols that remain activated or are triggered in the presence of malicious software.

Cybersecurity: more necessary than before – Free Code – WebMediums
Cybersecurity protects against any kind of hacking.

It is important to highlight that this has become an area of constant study, where companies investigate daily to discover new and better methods.

What are the current risks?

Although computers, the Internet, and mobile devices are not new, the technology within them continues to grow. At first, hackers were content to extract some private data, but over time, they began to have new interests.

This caused Cybersecurity to mutate to adapt and since then, it has been doing so constantly.

Common cases that merit reinforcing cybersecurity

  1. First of all, we could mention one of the easiest ways to steal data: Phishing ; a method that does not go out of style. This is gaining a foothold because it allows criminals to steal personal information and even carry out economic crimes under the radar.

  2. It is closely followed by cyber extortion, where the hacker intends to charge for reintegrating the data he has stolen from the person or company.

  3. Another risk that is constantly growing is the use of malware. Many people use links or even devices to do theft remotely. In this case, there is a risk that it will end in irreversible damage or loss of important data.

In particular, malware is one of the most difficult to control. Well, any employee could take a wrong step and make room for an infraction of this magnitude.

Cybersecurity: more necessary than before – Free Code – WebMediums
The malware has serious functions such as identity hijacking or disabling the operating system.

The reason that there are so many violations and that it is so difficult to control them is that, just as there are Cybersecurity developers, there are also hackers creating new tools.

Therefore, this war is far from over and hence the recommendation to acquire knowledge and safe software to fight properly.

Quick tips to improve the security of your systems

It has always been known that identification is one of the main ways to confer security just like fingerprint readers and much more. Technology has clearly made its own in this field and has brought with it some solutions that are within everyone's reach.

  1. The first piece of advice is to start changing your browsing habits for safer ones. Forget the use of web pages that are not certified. A closed "padlock" should appear in the search bar, this shows that you are in a place where you are not at risk.

  2. Avoid clicking on pop-up ads and do not fill out unnecessary forms with your personal data.

  3. Third, when you use public networks, such as in hotels or cafes, regulate access to data on your computer. For this, there is a wide range of antivirus that can lend you a hand.

  4. For the protection of companies, it is important that employees follow the recommendations of the security team. One of the main ones is to avoid connecting non-company devices to computers.

  5. Increase security on your devices, use facial recognition or biometric readers. With these tips, it is certain that you will have a controlled environment in which your data will be protected. Do not forget that protection depends on yourself.

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Ciberseguridad: más necesaria que antes
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