Experts think about the electronic cigarette

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The vaporizer or electronic cigarette has given a lot to talk about lately. There are already eight victims worldwide, which has put the international community on alert.

Experts think about the electronic cigarette – Health – WebMediums

What is known about the electronic cigarette?

· It is unknown whether people can actually quit smoking by vaping.

· They work with nicotine and other chemicals inside; which are by others harmful.

· There is a close relationship between the use of electronic cigarettes and smoking in adolescents.

· The vaporizer contains liquid nicotine that, if smelled, touched or drunk, can cause poisoning.

· They are thought to be safer than regular cigarettes.

Safer than the common cigarette?

Scientifically it has not been shown that it actually improves the health or addiction of the smoker; just as it has been promoted.

Users of these types of alternatives are at risk of becoming addicted to other drugs.

With vaping, people are exposed to various chemicals; both at the time of heating and vaporization and by the liquids it brings inside.

Problems with the use of the electronic cigarette

The steam produced during the heating of the device contains carcinogenic substances; as well as chemical elements and metal nanoparticles that are highly toxic.

Nickel and chromium are found in the tubes that make up the electronic cigarette ; which come into contact with the person once they start smoking.

Just as in common cigarettes; Some levels of an equally toxic metal known as cadmium are located in this apparatus.

For all the above, it is confirmed how harmful and dangerous the use of these devices is, which in the long run do not fulfill the initial purpose, but quite the opposite.

More studies are required to determine if they really help quit tobacco dependence.

Experts think about the electronic cigarette – Health – WebMediums