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Learn to write articles for SEO

Fermín Díaz
8 min read
Learn to write articles for SEO – How To – WebMediums
SEO optimized copywriting

The dreams of everyone who has a website is to ensure that their site has many visits daily so that their business is successful on the net.

To achieve this, it is necessary that the content of your website is of high quality so that users like it and, above all, that Google like it. That is why it is essential that you be able to write articles for SEO.

But what is SEO copywriting? It consists of a writing strategy used in order to adapt to search engines and be better positioned than other articles in Google.

"The acronym in English SEO means" Searching Engine Optimization ", in Spanish Search engine optimizer"

Your article may have very valuable content, but if no one is reading it, that value will be of no use. That is why you need your content to be optimized for SEO.

Of course, this does not mean that you should always write with search engines in mind, that would be a mistake.

If you want to do an optimal job, you should focus on writing for your buyer persona and at the same time adhering to the rules of search engines (SEO rules).

"The buyer persona is what a perfect customer symbolically represents, based on their real information."

As you will see, it is about being balanced in your work, both aspects are important. Always follow the SEO strategy in your content but with a greater inclination towards the user.

SEO copywriting features

  1. The written content must be of quality.

  2. Focus on one keyword.

  3. Include internal and external links.

  4. Image optimization for SEO.

  5. Captions must contain the keyword.

  6. Your writing must be legible.

Many writers know of the existence of SEO, but have not learned to apply it in their content. Therefore, they make errors that seem insignificant, but have a lot of impact on Google positioning.

Pre-writing SEO work

  1. Get an idea of who your audience and your buyer persona are.

  2. Define your goals for the blog.

  3. Study your competitors to know the keywords they used to position themselves.

  4. Make a study of the keywords and observe that the search intentions are the most indicated.

  5. Organize an editorial calendar, to define the order, hierarchy and selection of content that is consistent with the time of year.

  6. Use other alternatives such as email marketing and social networks so that you can publicize your articles.

Importance of keywords for SEO writing

Keywords are those that users usually used to search on Google. This is very important to know the needs of your audience and know exactly what they are concerned about.

Your content must meet the needs of users. It must be high-quality, original and valuable content for your readers. That is why you should investigate which are the keywords that are searched the most, the traffic they are generating and how much is the competition.

Keywords must go in the title, subtitles, first and last paragraph, in the URL, in the meta description, in the image attributes and in the body of the article.

Learn to write articles for SEO – How To – WebMediums
Choose well the keywords for SEO article

But how many keywords should an article have? The answer is: as many as you want, if and only if, they relate to each other and share the same search intention.

Additionally, you must take into account the following recommendations:

  1. Always use synonyms for the main keyword.

  2. Include long tails keywords.

  3. Use keywords that link to Google.

  4. The keywords you use must be in harmony with your search intent.

To mention an example: "what is a carpenter" is informative class, but if we say "hire a carpenter" we would be using transactional keywords.

What could we say about keyword density? The density should not exceed 2%, if you oversaturate the article with keywords at the SEO level it will not look good.

If you use the Semrush tool you will notice if there is an oversaturation.

Speaking of keywords linked to Google, keep in mind that Google itself mentions that other questions users ask in the search engine and that they are related to your main keyword.

Importance of readability in SEO writing

The readability is based on the following:

Learn to write articles for SEO – How To – WebMediums
Readability is key to understanding the SEO article
  1. You must apply a language that the user can recognize and understand.

  2. Be easy to interpret.

  3. The length of the paragraphs should be at most 4 lines, remember that on mobile devices they are longer due to the size of the screens.

  4. Do not focus on very long articles, the reading time by the user is very important. That an article is long does not make it much better.

  5. Avoid by all means include filler information, your readers may get bored and discard your article.

  6. Use bold in the text, with that you tell the reader which are the most relevant parts. But you should not abuse either, because it would be counterproductive.

  7. Include listings in the articles, this greatly favors readability and understanding in your readers.

The calls to action in an SEO article

These calls consist of an image, a button, a link or text that tells your readers that they should take a certain action, such as: make a purchase, subscribe to something, share your content on social networks or make a comment.

Create internal and external links for your SEO writing

These are important because they are a complement to your article, they provide additional data to readers and Google likes that. Remember that On-page optimization makes your article more valuable, and you enrich much more, search engines see this with good eyes.

People often ask how many internal links to put in an article. It is recommended to put at least three. As for the external ones, you can include at least one that will take you to a reputable website, that will be more valuable to your readers and at the same time you stick to SEO copywriting.

The role of images in SEO writing

Images are very important for the user to understand the content of your article. Therefore, I recommend you always do this:

  1. Images should weigh as little as possible without sacrificing quality.

  2. Make sure that the images are consistent with the maximum width of the blog, and do not overdo it.

  3. Include a keyword in the image title without losing consistency.

  4. Use the alt tag and alternative text to make a more accurate description of the image.

  5. Try not to take up the entire screen.

Include videos in your SEO article

Believe it or not, videos play a key role in SEO writing. Now, if you are going to include videos in your article, I recommend that you keep these SEO tips in mind:

A) Do not forget to place the keyword in the title of the video.

B) The title must be eye-catching, always including the main keywords.

Keep your SEO content up to date

As time goes by, you will need to update those old articles that contain information that is already out of date. In doing so, I recommend that you do a new analysis of keywords that may not have been previously and should be replaced with new ones.

Assign categories to your SEO content

It helps a lot that you assign a category to your SEO content, whether you are using WordPress or any other CMS. For example: If your article is about Apple devices, the category you can assign would be technology.

Share your SEO articles on social media

It is not a secret that social networks are a very rich source to find future readers of your content, especially if you have just started your blog.

"Social networks are useful tools to increase the number of readers of your SEO content."

Take the opportunity to spread your articles through newsletter, social networks, Telegram and Whatsaap groups, etc.

Tools that can be used for SEO writing

  1. For keyword extraction and study use Semrush.

  2. Optimize readability, grammar and spelling with the help of Lorca Editor.

  3. Include the title and meta description through Yoast SEO.

  4. For editing the title and meta description we recommend Seo Mofo.

  5. Use WordPress to lay out the article and then publish it.

  6. Tiny PNG helps you reduce the weight of images.

  7. Illustrator can help you with the creation of images, covers and infographics of the articles.

  8. With Flaticon you can add visual objects.

  9. If you want an icon insert, use Fontawesome.

In short, writing an article for SEO is a job that consists of having patience, perseverance and doing things correctly. Do not forget that the most important thing is that your content is liked by your readers and especially Google.

Tips for writing SEO articles.