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How to identify and deal with a toxic work environment?

Some tips to always stay like a professional.

Maria de Piña
5 min read
How to identify and deal with a toxic work environment? – How To – WebMediums
Toxic Work Environments: Identify and Overcome Them

Currently, much awareness has been given in the labor aspect, which has brought good progress, however, there are areas that still fail. Toxic work environments are a simple but very harmful problem that affects everyone in general.

Arguments, conflicts, poor communication and many other negative characteristics define these environments. Therefore, it is good to learn to identify them and analyze if it is worth continuing with them.

How to identify if a work environment is toxic?

When we start a new job, the adaptation process takes place in the first weeks, it is precisely in this period the best time to evaluate. It is not necessary to be a great analyst, just look at how the behavior is in the following aspects.


This is one of the most critical points, communication must be effective and transparent, if there are no clear guidelines conflicts occur.

When the information does not flow continuously and pleasantly, this is an indication of toxicity.

In a healthy work environment there is an open and participatory flow of communication. In this, opinions are respected, ideas are valued and rules and guidelines are expressed easily and clearly.


The character of those in charge of the project or company says a lot, since when there is authoritarianism, imposition and disrespect, this creates an automatic rejection.

Leaders who create control by instilling fear and not inspiration are a source of workplace pollution.

Not all characters are docile and gentle, but there are basic principles of cordiality that all people must maintain regardless of their position.


It is very common to see workers in toxic jobs performing tasks with disinterest and little enthusiasm, this is generated by the discomfort of the environment.

Constant complaints among employees about treatment and compensation are negative indicators.

If there are no incentives or a projection aimed at the growth of the company and its employees, this generates a very unproductive state of stagnation.

A job should always be seen as a rising ladder, not as an inert place.

How to deal with a toxic work environment?

Jobs do not always start out being toxic, they often become contaminated over time.

If you are in one of these environments, here are some tips for you to learn to deal with them.

Transform in your favor what is within your reach and avoid what is not

Not all conflicts or failures are irreparable, sometimes it just takes a little initiative to change, and that's where you can support. You have to have courage and always aim to find solutions, not just stay in criticizing the problems.

How to identify and deal with a toxic work environment? – How To – WebMediums
Productive solutions for work relationships

In areas where conflict gets out of hand, such as the character of peers or unhealthy attitudes, it's best to stay in check. Of course, as long as this does not affect us, otherwise it is necessary to assert your integrity.

Define limits

Everything can affect you only if you allow it, establish limits to all the aspects that surround you and do not silence yourself if there is something that bothers you directly.

Avoid idle and unproductive people who spend their time criticizing and discouraging others.

Once your day is over, disconnect from your job, your home should be your place of rest and tranquility, thinking and talking about employment only disturbs.

Do not allow anyone to invade your personal space or your leisure time, in this way stay faithful to the schedules.

Be positive

A positive attitude goes a long way in these environments, as it counteracts the negatives and allows you to see more opportunities in the midst of difficulties.

Also, positive people are not easily emotionally affected.

How to identify and deal with a toxic work environment? – How To – WebMediums
Positive mind in the workplace

Approach all situations from the lens of learning and do not spend time making judgments about the character of others. Dedicate yourself to developing solutions that benefit you and the rest of your colleagues.

Project confidence and security

Most of the employees who remain in toxic places without desire to continue, is due to the loss of self-confidence.

Never forget that you are the one who decides the day you want to leave your work, nobody ties you or forces you, you are by your own decision.

Being clear about this reality gives you a mental attitude of security where you are the owner of your future and its actions.

Always feel like an important part of the company as an operating partner, never see yourself as a worthless property.

Is it worth being in such an environment?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including your economic condition, your job projection or your level of experience. But, regardless of any factor, your gain should always aim to be greater than or equal to the effort applied.

There are jobs in this type of environment in which it is convenient to stay to acquire learning in an area that you can later develop independently.

In other cases, lucrative income is very good and can help finance personal projects.

In any case, it is never advisable to discard any job at first impression, since it may be a mistake that you later regret.

Patience must be valued as a virtue, but something that is a clear indication that you should not continue is the moment when your dignity, your principles and values are violated, on these specific points there is no room for negotiations.