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Role of keyword research in SEO writing

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
Role of keyword research in SEO writing – Márketing – WebMediums
Keyword research in SEO writing

The era of digitization continues to advance and there are no signs that it will stop. This has made the demand for website creation continue to increase and this produces the need for this website to fight to position itself better in Google and be successful. So keyword research is a task that has become indispensable in the SEO market.

Therefore, you must be wondering: What is keyword research ? What function does it have? What tools can I used to do it? What steps should I take?

What is keyword research?

It consists of a study and analysis of keywords based on certain tools that will tell us exactly what users are searching on Google.

A keyword is the term that we put in the Google search engine to find the answer to a question. To do this, Google uses Serps (Searching engine results pages), which refer to the results page.

Role of keyword research in SEO writing – Márketing – WebMediums
What the keyword research involves

Everyone's goal in SEO copywriting is to get on the first page of Google, and doing so requires a keyword study using a word search engine.

Role of keyword research

With the k eyword reseach you can discard keywords that may not have many searches or that the competition is using those same keywords and are already more advanced in the Serps.

Keep in mind that there are competitors who also do their keyword research and have their study techniques. So your mission is to try to overcome them.

What tools can I used to do keyword research?

When creating your website, keyword research is vital, it may be a tedious job, but setting the keyword and using the long-tail keyword is essential in your SEO work.

There are very effective tools that are not free, such as Semrush and ahrefs that can be very useful. But one of the challenges at the beginning is that not all of us have the resources to pay for these types of tools. What to do then?

Role of keyword research in SEO writing – Márketing – WebMediums
Semrush helps you find the kw

What you should do start with a variety of tools that will allow you to get off to a good start and define the keywords for your website design when creating content for your blog.

Steps to perform keyword research

Open a blog of notes.

Here you must write down the way you usually search your website, be it a product or a service on Google. The idea is that you write everything that comes to mind.

Let's take an example. If you plan to sell sports shoes on your website, you can use keywords such as: sports shoes, running shoes, training shoes, buy sports shoes, etc.

But this is not all work. You can ask your friends and have them write down other possible options. It may sound annoying to you, but you could get keywords that even search engines can't give you.

Remember that not everyone searches the web in the same way, so go collecting all those keywords that will serve you a lot in the future for your content creation, and you will be able to create semantic texts that will help you to better position yourself in Google.

Google suggest

This in itself is not a tool, but it is an aid provided by Google so that you can visualize the most used words. Google can give you many suggestions through its search engine. They appear ordered from highest to lowest search density.

Role of keyword research in SEO writing – Márketing – WebMediums
With Google suggest you visualize the most used kW

There are also the related keywords in the final part of the Serp that Google provides you, and you can write down in your notes blog.

Use the asterisk

If you use it at the beginning of the keyword you are looking for, in the center and at the end of the phrase, you will get many more options. For example: if you put the keyword "sports shoes" in the Google search engine with the asterisk first, as you type you will see results of terms that users are using before that word.

If you put the asterisk in the middle, of two words you are looking for or at the end, you will surely see more suggestions.


This is a tool that you must pay for. The keywords that it offers you are very precise, and you can write them down in your notes blog. If you see that there are many, do not worry because debugging will come later.

Keyword shitter

A free tool that provides you with long-tail keywords that will be very useful to create better content with the use of semantic words. Google always understands this type of text much better, so the results will be very effective.

Keyword tool

This tool has a free and paid version. It gives you many keywords and although it does not present the search volume, the CPC for adword ads or the level of competition, it is capable of providing keywords ordered by the number of searches from highest to lowest.

Not only does it show results from Google, it will also show you from Amazon, Bing, Ebay or YouTube.

Kw finder

It is a paid tool that allows you 3 free daily searches if you are registered. It is quite complete and is one of the cheapest options in the sector.

It tells you the number of people searching for that keyword, the keyword popularity trend, the websites attacking the same kw as you, etc.

Keyword planner

It gives you very valuable data that you can use in your project and manynumber of kW for the theme you are working on.

In summary, remember that it is very important to carry out a quality kw study, since the success of your project depends on that.

If in the future you can access paid tools, that will allow you to enhance your project even more to reinforce the SEO writing of the website you are creating.

Complete keyword research for SEO writing.