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Marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

The best sales tips in 2021

Irene de Espinoza
7 min read
Every venture requires a good strategy

Without a doubt, we are in the best boom of the digital age. We have infinite options to take our businesses to the networks or simply locate the best space on the internet.

We can be as creative as possible and offer everything we have beyond geographical limits. However, there are certain guidelines that we must know to carry out thousands of businesses. This is marketing for entrepreneurs, the best sales strategies in 2021.

Knowing the marketing tools for sales is essential, that is, no matter what your product is, if your intention is to market it through social networks it is important to learn how to do it. Even the smallest details can go a long way.

Sales funnel for entrepreneurs

It is the first thing you should know, what is the sales funnel? These are the 4 phases that the client usually goes through, and we must know how to take them to it. This way you will achieve not only an effective purchase, but also a regular customer who will constantly see what you publish and will agree to make new purchases.

Attract customers

It is perhaps the most relevant part of the funnel, most entrepreneurs get it wrong here. It is about attracting the customer to your brand, why does he need your product? What do you want to show him? Or maybe how will you show it to him?, the only way to make a perfect start is by knowing your needs. This is the keyword.

Observe in detail what the client needs and have it at their fingertips

Identify what your potential customer really needs! And after that, in an innovative way, present what could be the solution to their problems.

For example: if your client are mothers who are looking for baby clothes, think about what their most common needs are (anti-allergic clothing, varied designs, quality before possible washing, among others) they have their needs and your product has the strengths to meet them…

Attract the customer with the best presentation of your product, if you have a good brand and a durable product, believe me the recommendation will be given alone. Analyze what differentiates you from the competition and work on it to attract customers.

Interact with your prospects

Finish studying your audience by interacting with it. The best way to generate that effective communication and answer your questions or needs.

In general terms, this connection is made through social networks. As you make publications, you will see the possible likes or comments depending on what you sell or how you sell it.

You must give priority to each answer, you must generate trust and answer all their concerns. If you consider not having much fluency of interactions, you should take a plan B.

It may be content that does not explicitly present your product yet, but it does manage to capture their attention to the point of sharing, saving or interacting.

Create surveys where you present the problem according to your niche and what would be the best way to solve it.

It is always advantageous to have a relational connection with the customer

Convert your customers

Congratulations, a good line and a good path have led people to make purchases.

This is the conversion process. The customer is ready to buy your product. Now, here is the center of buying and building loyalty or generating a bad reputation would not be good, and for this we will review what we sell and how we sell it.

We cannot expect to reach thousands of customers with a product of very poor quality or poor durability. What do you sell? Giving your best will always lead us to the best sales system and that is the recommendation. If the customer is satisfied with the purchase, do not doubt that he will proceed to recommend you whenever the moment arises.

An example of this step is the following: if you sell traditional sweets, and the customer is delighted with the taste of them.

He will proceed to talk with his relatives about the possible best homemade sweet in the town, so the rest of the people will have the concern to go to try them and affirm their opinion.

Now, if the opposite is the case and there were many inconveniences in the sales process and in addition to them, presenting a very low quality sweet. Social networks will be in charge of striking you down and ending your brand.

Never stop being transparent with your customers

Let's say that these sales strategies tend to be a double-edged sword if we don't always present the best. You must be prepared that if you sell or send defective products, comments or criticisms will not wait. This is where the disreputable system begins.

What should you monitor in this step?

Always sell the best quality: your products can and should be better than those of the competition, always work with projection and always try to deliver the best of your brand.

Simple purchase process: in this digital age, everything is usually very fast, and people seek to do very specific, specific businesses that do not lead to many complications. If possible, look for the button to buy and another to pay. With this we say that you work like many channels of payment methods, always offering varied options for each client.

The delivery must be punctual: be honest with the customer and validate the delivery process, whether it is in minutes, hours, days or weeks. Always be punctual about the delivery date, in case of presenting any inconvenience keep him informed of everything.

Loyalty always with innovation

Loyalty comes when a customer buys your product more than twice, this means that they have been satisfied and will return more than once to make purchases.

At this point, it is up to you to draw up new innovation strategies. Why? The point will come that the already loyal customer will want something new or will be waiting for the most modern that can be presented.

Always look for a way to offer something new and attractive

An example of this may be the sale of women's clothing. If you sell lines of shirts, try at some point to present combos where you include footwear or jewelry-like accessories to accompany them.

Try to have trends for each time of the year, you cannot present in summer what may be better in winter. And trust me there will always be something new to talk about that you can impress.

Depending on your niche, look for trends in social networks and align yourself with them, the client will feel that you are there, that you are part of it, you are real, and you understand it because you always seek to present the best.

Another way to build loyalty is by offering by seniority or by quantity of purchases. If it is at your disposal as an entrepreneur, raise the best offers that do not threaten your product or alter your pocket. Always think that the two of you can be winners with the buying and selling process.


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