Confirmed, Spider-Man continues in the Marvel Universe!

Suria Ibañez
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Just when the sadness was overwhelming at the possible departure of Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, news arrives to make you happy. It happens that after the controversy between Sony Pictures and Disney about not being able to reach an agreement for the Spider-Man 3 movie to be produced, something magical happened and Disney did it again.

Confirmed, Spider-Man continues in the Marvel Universe! – Movie News

If there will be Spider-Man 3

It turns out that Disney did it once again not disappointing its thousands of fans, and again it gave us back the magic and childlike spirit that we love so much. Disney managed to reach an agreement with Sony Pictures leaving the problems and conflicts that arose behind to produce the long-awaited movie Spider-Man 3.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures will make Spider-Man 3 and Kevin Feige will be responsible for producing it, this iconic character will be able to continue in the Marvel Universe at least for this film, which will star Tom Holland giving life to Spider-Man.

With this film, the MCU has one more title for phase 4 and the tentative date for the premiere of Spider-Man 3 is scheduled for July 16, 2021. Of course Sony Pictures does not want to be left behind and intends to work on some more tapes to fully exploit your character.

Variety is an American portal dedicated to entertainment, created since 1905. This portal mentions that some details of the agreement reached by Sony Pictures and Disney are the following:

* Sony Pictures keeps the rights to the character, that is to say Spider-Man, which was created by the now famous comic book editor Stan Lee.

* Marvel for its part will keep 25% of what the film earns and the merchandising rights.

There is no doubt that it ends with one of the most anticipated and pleasant news.

Confirmed, Spider-Man continues in the Marvel Universe! – Movie News