Disney unveils the first trailer of Mulan

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Disney has released, today, the first advance or teaser of what would be the new film adaptation of the renowned animated film "Mulan". It has planned to debut in march 2020, being one of the most anticipated films for that year.

Disney unveils the first trailer of Mulan – Movie News – WebMediums

In this first trailer of "Mulan", you can see different scenes, taken to reality, of what would be the animated film of the year 1998. The most amazing thing of all have been the fantastic visual effects that the film presents, giving it a unique touch.

Disney premiered this new trailer during the tournament of the fIFA Women's World Cup, which was tuned by the chain FOX. Fox Sport 1 had already announced this long-awaited advance on Friday night.

Jimmy Wong, one of the protagonists of this long awaited Disney movie, also gave clues about the premiere of the first preview of "Mulan", when posting the following message in its social network of twitter:

The first glimpse that could be seen of the film was in the hands of the actress who stars Hua Mulan, Yifei Liu. In this way, Disney decided to release images showing the actress playing the role of this iconic character among the animated films.

The premiere of the trailer of "Mulan" dazzled everyone, managing to generate hundreds of thousands of comments among social networks. In this way, on Twitter, the hashtag #mulan has become a trend all over the world.

The live-action of "Mulan" will be released on march 27, 2020 and will have the address of Niki Caro. In addition, it will have a wide cast, among which we can mention names like Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jason Scott Lee and Gong Li.

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Disney revela el primer trailer del live-action de Mulan
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