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The best comedies to watch on Netflix

With this list you can choose the best movies to watch at home

Veronica Morao
15 min read
The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

Netflix owns movies that have become mainstream over time. The comic ones are the most receptive, since they are a perfect occasion to share with family and friends.

Do you want to know what those iconic movies are? Here is the list:

1. Liar, liar

Fletcher Reede is a lying legal adviser, whose usual method of work is lying.

His five-year-old son makes a wish on his birthday, that his father cannot lie for a day, since he is tired of broken promises.

2. Don't look up

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

Kate Dibiasky, a graduate student in cosmology, and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, have recently found something both amazing and dangerous. A circling comet is in the group of nearby planets and is headed for a collision with Earth.

Despite all his efforts to warn the public authority and the people in general, it seems that humanity will accept it as a joke.

With the help of Dr. Oglethorpe, Kate and Randall embark on a media tour that takes them from the White House to the most insane morning show on television to try and warn the world that it's coming.

3. My Girlfriend Polly

Reuben Feffer is a man who tries not to take any kind of risk and whose plans for his happy future come to a halt when his partner leaves him and runs off with a diving teacher. Embarrassed and heartbroken, Reuben chooses to relax.

However, an experience with a dear friend, Polly, who is fond of adventure, transforms Reuben's life into a hurricane of dangers and risks (spicy food, extreme sports, exotic salsa, between different exercises), Polly will finally train Reuben to live at the moment.

4. A Spy and a Half

A CIA agent, who was a real nerd as a kid, returns for a reunion of high school graduates.

Supposedly, he deals with a mysterious case and enlists the help of the most well-known person in the school when they were young, who is now a vague dreamer of his years of fame.

By the time the helper understands the difficulty he is getting himself into, some time has already passed, and he simply has to accept the change and his new partner.

With unexpected movements, it drags him into days of action, disloyalty and espionage that will lead them to risk their lives in countless events.

5. Billy Madison

This is one of the most famous Adam Sandler movies. Billy is almost 30 years old and is going to acquire the hotel kingdom of his father, the tycoon, Brian Madison.

However, Billy has been a bum all his life and is not ready to take over the organization. So his father forces him to go back to school and take the years he failed because of his laziness.

6. Yes sir

Carl Allen decides to try a self-improvement course where he is trained to say "yes" to anything that is asked and asked of him.

Obviously, Carl's life changes, although not as he imagined, and it doesn't take him long to understand that this change, although it may seem positive, will have many consequences.

7. Don't worry, I'll take care of you

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

Marla Grayson doesn't hesitate to exploit others. Enjoying the accepted benefits of some retirees as their legal guardian, she and her accomplice Fran consider Jennifer Peterson to be the new victim: an elderly woman with a lot of money who can be taken advantage of.

As they struggle to carry out their plan, the pair discover that Mrs. Peterson is not what they thought she was. On the contrary, it is connected to the work of a major criminal.

Consequently, a fight without limits begins between the two fronts to choose who takes advantage of more.

8. Super bad- Super cool

Two unpleasant classmates preparing for their high school graduation.

When the girls they've always loved to inviteinvite him to a party, they don't think twice. They even agree to be responsible for carrying the liquor.

Another of their friends agrees to help them with the purchases. Taking into account that they are minors, they could be discovered by the authorities.

9. Brian's Life

Brian is brought into the world in a manger in the city of Bethlehem. At that moment, he receives a visit from three wise men from the East who, led by a star, come to show him their respect and give him presents.

After a couple of bewildered seconds, all this is transferred to his close neighbor, a newborn named Jesus.

10. What happened yesterday? Part III

The great team returns to Las Vegas to support Alan with his treatment. However, they end up in a silly affair with Mr. Chow and the violent boss Marshall.

11. Men in Black

This is a science fiction movie. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are the protagonists of the story that shows a mysterious association that is responsible for monitoring the life of aliens on Earth.

12. Men in Black II

This is the continuation of Men in Black (1997) and, by the way, the title refers to the typical characters who are responsible for hiding the presence of aliens on planet Earth from the population.

13. This is the end

The actors face the Apocalypse of the end of the world, which was predicted by the Mayans.

The party was held in Los Angeles, and they held it for the inauguration of the new home of one of the members of the group of friends.

14. Spare Cops

Two detectives with an office job are presented with the opportunity to be in charge of an investigation of a real case which is not of great importance.

15. Matter of time

The protagonist travels back in time, when he knows the information that the men of his family can do it. He makes this decision to travel to the past, just to conquer his dream woman.

16. Return of the Almighty

A news anchor leaves the province of Buffalo when he wins a position in Congress.

He moves his family to northern Virginia, and believing he has succeeded, God makes him experience an emergency of biblical dimensions.

The Lord needs me to build an ark and house the pairs of animals in it before the incredible flood.

17. Bo Burnham — Inside

It's anything but a movie. However, it is possibly the best satire of 2021. Creating humor in the midst of a pandemic can be difficult.

Despite that, comedian and artist Bo Burnham created his best work yet. This feature film makes you think, cry and laugh.

Completely shot in an apartment, accompanied by music and a lot of ingenuity. A movie that you really have to see.

18. Ace Ventura: Crazy in Africa

Trying to overcome the wound left by the disappointment of his last mission, in which he could not avoid the path of the skunk he had to save.

The nondescript criminal investigator, Ace Ventura, resigns himself to a Buddhist religious community.

While there, a peculiar person offers him a huge amount of cash to try and track down a clan's holy creature.

19. The distinguished citizen

An Argentine author based in Europe. For more than thirty years and widely recognized for having won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Among the abundant correspondence that he receives every day, he receives a letter from the Salas region in which he is welcomed to obtain the most outstanding recognition of the town: the title of Distinguished Citizen.

20. Sliding to glory

When skating's greats and eternals meet in a huge battle during the World Championships, the Federation strips them of their gold decorations and bans them from ever competing in men's figure skating competitions forever.

21. Ted

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

When John Bennett was little, he always wished his teddy bear was a real bear.

His fantasy materialized in a tragic way. More than twenty years later, he's getting on his crush Lori's nerves, who starts to get angry.

22. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Two Irish singers have the great opportunity of their lives. This is about them having the chance to represent their country in Eurovision, a very important contest. In this opportunity, everyone will know them.

23. Mystery on board

A New York policeman and his wife make the trip to Europe, which was promised at their wedding. This to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

On the trip, the policeman meets a billionaire who invited them to his yacht, to celebrate his elderly uncle's wedding. Everything seems to be fine at the party, until they are accused of the old man's death.

24. Tough and Cheesy

Beto and Toto, two brothers who work in the banana plantation and belong to the local soccer group. They both want to build a house for their mother, being professional soccer players.

A talent scout discovers them, moving to the city. They both show up for a big match in which they will have to overcome their demons.

25. Two lovebirds

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

A couple about to break up unwittingly become involved in a murder mystery. They go to great lengths to clear their names. Over the days they discover how their relationship can survive.

26. My name is Dolemite

Eddie Murphy represents bona fide legend Rudy Ray Moore, a parody and rap pioneer who disproved doubters when his hilarious, indecent, inside-tuned kung-fu fighting, Dolemite, became a quirk of the Blaxploitation of the 70s.

27. Don't mess with the Zohan

The Zohan has to leave behind his past as a specialist in psychological militancy hostile to the Mossad and go to the United States, where he tries to become a renowned hairstylist. To achieve this, he makes everyone in Israel believe that he has died in an act of service.

After this he goes quietly to New York. There he fulfills his goals and, in a very short time, becomes one of the most sought-after stylists in the area.

However, his former lifestyle continues to haunt him and the Zohan must contend with new Specialists sent on a mission to get rid of him entirely.

28. That's my son

While still young, Donny had a son, Todd, and raised him as a single father until Todd came of age.

In the present day, after not seeing each other for a long time, Todd's reality implodes just before his wedding when, despite not being asked, Donny abruptly shows up.

Frantically trying to reconnect with his son, Donny is forced to deal with the repercussions of his poor parenting skills.

29. The Knights of the Square Table

Lord Arthur and his staunchest knights do not give up in their vigorous search for the Holy Grail. Throughout their great journey they must battle the most dangerous enemies of the Faith, from wild monsters, witches, seers, rival knights to a man-eating rabbit.

30. Sandy Wexler

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

A rep for an artist group in Los Angeles has his mind tested when he falls in love with a new client.

Coutney, a singer who met her while at the amusement park. The aesthetic of the film is from the 90s, in Hollywood.

30. Mall Hero

A single dad from suburbia trying to make enough to pay the bills as a security officer at a huge New Jersey mall. Although no one takes his occupation seriously, Paul believes himself to be at the forefront of security in the region.

When a heist locks down the mall entrances, Jersey's most unlikely security officer must become a real cop to make a difference.

31. Who the hell are the Millers?

A marijuana dealer with few clients and little money, receives a bad move for his ingenuity and cordiality before a group of young people, who ask him for a large amount of merchandise and leave him in debt with his supplier.

Bruke, creates a fictitious family to be able to cross the border of Mexico with merchandise, and thus pay off the debt.

32. My Masterpiece

An art gallery owner plans a technique to increase the value of the work of his painter friend, who failed in his last presentation.

33. Knock Knock

Patients are in the office of a prominent therapist. Each of them suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

However, as the specialist arrives late, they must wait for him trying to keep under control, or not really, their madness, motivations, obsessions and rituals. This is an adaptation of the popular work of the French author, Laurent Baffie.

34. The Other Missy

After a romantic encounter that marked his life, with the woman of his dreams, he decides to take a risk and invites her to a retreat that was organized by his company.

Upon arrival at the airport, he realized that he had invited the wrong woman, with whom he had been on a blind date a year ago.

35. It's not you, it's me

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

Javier's world comes crashing down on him when his fiancée breaks up the relationship over a phone call. Thanks to a therapist in Buenos Aires, Javier stabilizes and starts dating a girl. To his surprise, his ex-fiancée shows up again.

Family comedies to watch at home

1. They are like children

Five teammates meet again after 30 years, at a special lake house, to mourn the loss of their former ball mentor and behave like little boys once again.

2. They are like children 2

Lenny has moved his family back to the humble community where he and his classmates grew up. This time, it will be the adults who receive an example from their own children. This movie is a Spin-off of "Grown Ups".

3. The Meyerowitzes: the family is not chosen

The three sons of a sullen New York craftsman grapple with their troubled relationship with their father and with each other. The family was isolated.

However, they reunite for an occasion where their father's creative work is praised. There will arise family clashes.

4. School of Rock

A guitarist with hallucinations of glory, is kicked out of his band. The lack of financial resources forces him to look for a job, which is difficult, so he finally chooses to fill in for a substitute teacher in a public school.

He'll try to teach fifth graders "high-voltage rock and roll."

Also, among the kids is Yuki, a nine-year-old guitar prodigy who can help him win the band contest and, as it turns out, deal with his money problems.

5. The Mitchell family vs. the machines

The Mitchells are a peculiar family who love each other very much. This family trip was interrupted by a technological uprising that threatens all of humanity.

This uprising against people influences all the mechanical gadgets that individuals love: from telephones to self-driving vehicles to the new line of individual robots.

The family must work together to face this situation together and save the world with the help of two failed robots and a fat pug.

6. Dad Wars

A newly married boss makes an honest effort to win the love of his wife's children. However, he thinks that it is extremely challenging due to the children missing their father.

All this deteriorates with the arrival of the father of the little ones. A strong competition arises between them: one tries to join his new family, the other tries to win back his ex and his children.

7. Crazy Heart

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

A bigamist with a family in Mar de Plata and another in Buenos Aires, sees how his life turns upside down when his wives discover the infinity covered in years and come together to give them what they deserve.

8. Isn't it romantic?

An Australian architect living in New York, she had always believed that the romance of comedies was pure fantasy.

One of her days she was attacked by a thief and was left unconscious. The moment she wakes up, she realizes that her life was a romantic comedy, and now she is the protagonist.

9. The worst week

A middle-class father decides to pay for his little girl's wedding despite the demands of the groom's father, who has a great fortune.

A progression of catastrophes brings families together and endure the longest seven-day stretch of their lives.

10. Dads with honors

Two youngsters who have just graduated from school are shakily arguing over which of their parents would win a battle. This is unleashed when parents take it seriously.

11. The worst night of my life

A journalist's fantasy of becoming a newscaster is in jeopardy after a date leaves her marooned in downtown Los Angeles with no phone, vehicle, ID or cash.

In eight hours, he had to get to his dream interview.

12. Yes today!

The best comedies to watch on Netflix – Movie News – WebMediums

Feeling that they generally disown their children and partners, Allison and Carlos decide to give their three little ones a YES DAY, where for 24 hours the children will have control.

Much to their chagrin, they will embark on a bewildering experience in Los Angeles that will bring their family together like never before.

Without a doubt, these movies are a great plan for the weekend with the family, a sleepover between friends, or a meeting between friends. Or simply to enjoy in your moment of rest. The streaming platform will never abandon you.