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Disney + will have a series about the X-Men arranged by Marvel Studios

The X-Men will return earlier than expected

Luis Rafael
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Wonder Studios has begun promoting an animated series of superhero freaks. This has been a request that millions of fans had proposed to the producers of Marvel Studios, and it seemed like a great project.

Until now the real characters of the famous X-Men saga will not be part of the Marvel Universe, however, all fans of the series will be able to see this amazing series together with the Marvel production, one of the installments most anticipated for 2023.

Disney + will have a series about the X-Men arranged by Marvel Studios
Disney + will have a series about the X-Men arranged by Marvel Studios

Disney + published the premiere of its new series The X-Men along with "Disney + Day"

The wonderful news comes just a couple of hours before the start of Disney + Day.

As Geeks Worldwide has revealed, there is not much information about this new creation; apparently fiction will see the light of day in 2023.

It would not be strange if it was not among the information that is revealed identified on the Netflix platform, since the delivery staff is already getting to work.

Although there are many who expect to see Logan, Storm and Professor X, along with Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange, it is certain that this energetic series will cause the most nostalgic fans to receive the story with high expectations about what that can happen.

Exactly, the animated series of The X-Men, launched for the first time between 1992 and 1997, denoted a whole era, in any case, finding a hybrid against the legendary animated fiction of this decade, that of Spider-Man.

There are still numerous questions about the appearance of superheroes that were produced by Fox to Marvel.

Since it will be the first time that both companies do a film project together, all the news about the next X-Men has not yet been revealed.

Who will be the main characters that will be part of the delivery?

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have been the main characters that could appear in the two establishments (on account of Pietro Maximoff it came to be due to having Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters).

Director Jon Watts Confirms New "Fantastic Four" Reboot

After the announcement of the future X-Men series, the same director spoke about the new reboot of the film of "The Fantastic Four" declared by the real Jon Watts. The famous Watts was commissioned to direct Tom Holland's three Spider-Man films.

This has been amazing news for lovers of the streaming world, the movie of the 2000s has manifested itself, many people have doubts about the new reboot.