HBO series "Chernobyl" wins Emmy Award

Suria Ibañez
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The Emmy Awards are among the most anticipated by the public and undoubtedly keep many people glued to the television. The Emmy Awards are divided into several categories, however in this post I will tell you the categories in which the original HBO series "Chernobyl" won, which became a success since its premiere.

HBO series "Chernobyl" wins Emmy Award – Movie News – WebMediums

Chernobyl wins for best miniseries

Chernobyl is a miniseries consisting of only 5 chapters based on a true story, it is about what happened in the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The accident happened in 1986 when there was an explosion at the nuclear plant.

As soon as the Chernobyl series was released, it became a trend and everyone was talking about it. Even at some point it was compared to the successful series Game of Thrones, it had everyone glued to the television and there was no person who did not talk about it. In fact, thanks to that, I managed to obtain a perfect rating and be nominated for the Emmy Awards in the category of best mini-series, best film or mini-series direction and best script of a mini-series or film.

The HBO series Chernobyl won the award for best screenplay in a mini-series or movie, which was written by Craig Mazin. The series not only won the award for best screenplay, it also won the award for best direction of a mini-series or film by Johan Renck.

That was not all because it closed with a flourish taking the award in the category of the bestbest miniseries. Chernobyl is not a simple series because it also aims to remember what happened in that catastrophic accident, in which before the government happened at that time it decided that it would be best to minimize the consequences.

HBO series "Chernobyl" wins Emmy Award – Movie News – WebMediums