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How did Joaquín Phoenix lose 23 kilos?

Suria Ibañez
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The actor who played the famous villain The Joker had to undergo a restrictive diet to lose 23 kilograms and give life to the most famous clown on television. Todd Phillips was in charge of directing the film that has all the fans of this iconic character head on.

How did Joaquín Phoenix lose 23 kilos? – Movie News – WebMediums

Joaquín Phoenix's strict diet

"The joker" is the movie that so far has managed to unseat the last Avengers movie, becoming one of the most watched.

But... What does this film have that is the sensation? It's simple, the director of The Joker managed to capture some social problems that are experienced day by day within her and take a real problem to give life to this famous character who takes very little from the comic.

Joaquin Phoenix explained several times how he prepared to give life to this great character, from how he prepared his laugh to how he did it with his appearance. Joaquín Phoenix said that to achieve laughter he relied on people who really suffered from uncontrolled laughter, the disease of said evil is called gelastic epilepsy.

How did Joaquín Phoenix lose 23 kilos? – Movie News – WebMediums

But Joaquín Phoenix not only made an effort in the voice of this character. This great actor also made an effort to make The Joker look the right one, so he managed to lose 23 kilos in just 4 months, this undoubtedly shocked many of his fans who to date wondered how he managed to do it.

Faced with this approach, Joaquín Phoenix confessed that he underwent a strict diet supervised by specialists. The diet Joaquin Phoenix had followed was rumored to be based on just one apple a day. The actor clarified that although this diet did include apples, it also contained vegetables with the necessary nutrients for him to lose weight without putting his health at risk.

How did Joaquín Phoenix lose 23 kilos? – Movie News – WebMediums