Will Joaquin Phoenix surpass Heath Ledger in the Joker?

Suria Ibañez
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Will Joaquin Phoenix surpass Heath Ledger in the Joker? – Movie News

On Twitter, the hashtag #Joker became a trend and everyone remembered the late and successful actor Heath Ledger when he played such a distinguished villain. When Ledger played the Joker he certainly got into the role and even confessed to it, he studied everything he needed to know about the character and made it his own. Maybe that was the key to his success and that the whole world adored his performance.

Of course, for this reason, the comparisons did not wait, mainly on Twitter and the question of who will be the better Joker arrived, now it is on the table if... Will Heath Ledger or Joaquín Phoenix be the best Joker? Of course the comparisons that were not going to be lacking since Joaquin Phoenix points out that he could surpass Ledger.

The new Joker is a little different from the one Heath Ledger interpreted at the time because the director of the new film some time ago declared that the Joker that Joaquín Phoenix would interpret was far from the comic, this Joker would resemble a little more to real life.

Internet users assure that the films that Joaquín Phoenix has made are a guaranteed success and thanks to the trailer that has circulated they also assure that he is one of the best actors of our time, they say that Joaquín always exceeds expectations and that he is a first-rate actor.

The film is a bit more psychological, and you can see this in the trailer. On Twitter they are already eager to know how this wonderful actor will develop in the film. The Joker movie will be released on October 4 and already has new posters. Twitter users even suspect that this man will be awarded an Oscar nomination as Heath did, for now we just have to wait to know what will happen and how his performance will be.

Will Joaquin Phoenix surpass Heath Ledger in the Joker? – Movie News