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Itziar Ituño is a vampire mother in the hit movie Todos las Lunas

Enrique R
Enrique R
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The actress who plays Inspector Raquel Murillo "Lisboa" in La Casa de Papel, has a career on the rise and this film is one of her first successes after the series.

Raquel Murillo is one of the most interesting characters in contemporary series, behind the character is a great actress who had to play the woman who started focused on her career despite a life in crisis, giving everything to catch "the bad guys ", but who undergoes a transition understanding the teacher's motivations and ends up falling in love with him.

That step of hating the professor and his gang as common criminals, to then gradually understand, identify with their cause and even be delighted with the professor, enchanted the entire audience of the series.

If you liked her performance in La Casa de Papel, you will be interested to know that Itziar Ituño as a person and as an actress is much more than Raquel Murillo.

Today we show you another of his facets in the successful movie All the Moons.

Itziar Ituño is a vampire mother in the hit movie Todos las Lunas

Set in the time of the Third Carlist War, Ilargi guztiak (All the Moons) is directed by Igor Legarreta and presents us with a very different vision from the vampire stories and movies / sagas that came with Twilight.

Itziar Ituño is an old vampire with a big heart

In this case Itziar Ituño has a leading role with a little girl, represented by the actress Haizea Carneros, rescued by that vampire mother without knowing that saving her life was also condemning her to an existence in that way.

Would you save a helpless girl even if you have to transform her into your own vampire condition to do so?

This obvious question is resolved by whoever played Raquel Murillo (Lisbon) in La Casa de Papel, when he found a little girl wounded, in danger, with all the to die in her circumstances unless she, the vampire with the longest Those who can count, save her.

Itziar Ituño is a vampire mother in the hit movie Todos las Lunas

The legend intersects with an ancient Basque myth, which speaks of beings of the night and even uses phrases that are a warning call to this danger: "Eguna egunekoentzat eta gaua gauekoentzat", which means: "The night for those of the night and the day for those of the day ".

This old sentence was a way of telling them gently but expressing the risk, that it was best not to walk at night in those dark forests.

Ituño has always been excited when talking about history and commented that that vampire is so old that she does not even remember the time she has on earth, much less a name with which she identifies, she is only the woman at night, a being out of darkness and in the film, she becomes a vampire mother from the circumstantial encounter with a girl who, if she did not help her, would die, although helping her meant turning her into what she is.

Itziar Ituño is a vampire mother in the hit movie Todos las Lunas

Itziar Ituño is a good vampire in All Moons

It is clear that the character of Itziar is not a typical movie vampire, however two elements make this differentiation clearer with the dark vampires that the classics have shown us:

A vampire who identifies with the victims of war: Thus, like other victims, she also lives fleeing violence, in the loneliness of darkness but not by creating an aura of terror in nearby towns, rather to protect yourself from the violence represented by the human wars you have seen happen.

Deep reflections on religion, life, time: In this case we see how more than a dark being who has "recruited" the girl, she becomes a teacher, like an old and wise hermit, of life in all aspects, explaining to that little girl who saved and converted what she has learned and understood about the world of men.

Itziar Ituño is a vampire mother in the hit movie Todos las Lunas

Why is it called All Moons?

The reason is most curious and Itziar Ituño's way of telling it is even more interesting. The old vampire, when saving the girl, offers to see "All the Moons", something that clearly expresses having eternal life in the form of a being of the night, of darkness.

What is interesting is the relationship that moons have for a girl on her way to a woman.

The lunar cycles end up closely linked in the life of the woman and in reality, with nature in many aspects. This is how this film reflects much deeper messages than those we saw in the famous series La Casa de Papel.

Saying goodbye to Raquel Murillo has not been a great sacrifice for Itziar Ituño, who clearly understands that although the character has marked her life and impacted the public, like everything else in life, at some point she must draw a line and leave it back to move on to new projects, somehow clearing the board where you are going to define the new route to follow.

Itziar Ituño is a vampire mother in the hit movie Todos las Lunas

Many have been struck by the profile of the film Todos las Lunas, as a project it represents a low-budget production and, given the success of La Casa de Papel and the great work of Itziar Ituño, it could accept much larger proposals.

To this the actress has responded in several spaces that she does not look at the size of the budgets but in history and that, since life has allowed her to decide what to work on, she always tries to work on projects with which she identifies and where grow up, not just as an actress, but also as a person.

Basque is a central element in the life of Itziar Ituño

The actress is a well-known activist for the independence of her region, a defender of her culture, her sites, myths, landscapes, she promotes everything for pleasure on her social networks and curiously, her messages are always written first in Basque and then translated into Spanish. / English.

Todos las Lunas had its main version in Basque and in fact has won awards at festivals such as San Sebastián, where regional works are known, in their language and usually showing their customs and traditions.