$1300 for viewing 13 horror movies, do you accept the challenge?

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

The scenes can be several, since experiments performed by some kind of crazy scientist, or also some scenes of torture with some blood, terrifying creatures are also predilects by many, as well as zombies eating brains. What all these scenes and their events have in common, is the fact that very probably those high-impact scenes will make your heart beat at 1000 per hour.

These scenes are predilectated within different styles and types of horror films, which usually, are presented as dark and often terrible stories, which place the viewer in an absolute panic situation.

However, many people are asked the same question: if they are so twisted, What is the incentive we get when they see them?

$1300 for viewing 13 horror movies, do you accept the challenge?

There are many and well varied the reasons why we can decide to see a horror movie, however, some summary as only "fun" The feelings or experiences we can get from a horror movie, usually, is quite distant from what we see in reality, since without real prejudice, there is no possibility of killing dead, dismembered or even possessed, but if We can get to experience some excitements of anxiety, we have or despair, which disappears at the same time that the film ends. This in turn, gives us an air of calm and helps us free up hundreds of chemicals in the body which does not help to calm down.

Some psychologists claim that the reason why we see horror movies, is because we seek to understand our fears and also, the fears of the population as a whole.

The genre of terror is directed towards those archetypal fears, which can be seen in the whole history of humanity and which each generation has defined as “Terror”, since in its own way, it becomes an idea out of our control or understanding, which threatens us.

Can horror movies make you earn money?

With all this in mind, a financial company has decided that it will pay a person the total of US $ 1,300 so that this can see 13 horror movies throughout the month of October. All this with the only purpose of being able to find out, what is the correct size of the film budget so that the masses feel impacted by them. That is, if greater the budget, the result the result in terms of public reaction.

The company Finebuzz is also in search of a specialist who can analyze the heart rate of the participant once begins to see the horror movies.

In total, the selected person must see a total of 13 films, which have been classified as the most creepy in all history. All this while taking a special record on the heart rate of it, which will be monitored through the Fitbit.

How to participate in this initiative?

If you have already chopped the curiosity about how to participate in this experiment, you should know that the person who choose, will be chosen before October 1, since the mission will be, to complete this cycle of films between 9 and the October 18.

Along with the acceptance letter, it is chosen for this task you will get different objects from the financial company, as they will provide you with a Fitbit along with $ 1,300, in addition to a gift card with $ 50, So that this can cover the rental costs of all terror movies for this scare festival.

Applications must be submitted before September 26, so that Finebuzz can choose a winner long before the October 1. In order to be posited, those who are interested must complete a form, in which they should explain to the company the reason why they are the best person for the position.