20 dead and 6 missing leave the collapse of a bridge in Taiwan

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Tragedy in the Asian continent due to the collapse of a bridge in Taiwan. It is the Nanfangao Bridge, located in the Suao district. A work of 140 meters long and 18 meters high, which dates from the year 1998.

It connected with different landing stages of the Fishing Port of this beautiful fishing town located on the Pacific coast. A town that is always busy and often crowded, a very commercial area.

20 dead and 6 missing leave the collapse of a bridge in Taiwan

What is known of the collapse of a bridge in Taiwan ?

This bridge was built to replace another that was lower and prevented the passage of large fishing boats, it was the only one with a single arch supported by cables or in the Asian country. However, in the world it was the second steel arch bridge with cables. So far, 20 people have been injured and more than 6 seriously injured.

At the time of the collapse, a tanker was traveling over the bridge, which caught fire at the time of the accident.

20 dead and 6 missing leave the collapse of a bridge in Taiwan

When a bridge collapse in Taiwan occurred, there were two fishing boats nearby with 9 crew members on board; who fell into the water due to the shaking of the waters with the tragedy that occurred.

Immediately 5 people had to be hospitalized for prompt medical attention.

The search work continues after the collapse of a bridge in Taiwan, since under it there were several ships anchored; which were totally destroyed. The reasons for this catastrophe are still unknown, but investigative work has already begun to find out why.

Many, many people; Among them the military, firefighters, fishing boats and divers continue with the search and rescue work with the support of one of the Air Force helicopters. People from the Philippines were involved in the accident; as well as others of Indonesian nationality. All of them workers of the fishing boats.


Typhoon Mitag, which struck Taiwan on Monday, is believed to have weakened the foundations of this grandiose structure.