21 years after Diana, so does Prince Harry

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21 years after Princess Diana of Wales marked a milestone with those photos that traveled the world in 1997, one of her children returns and makes history.

Yes, Prince Harry who has closely followed in the footsteps of his late mother. Just as she did and her brother Prince Williams has done.

21 years after Diana, so does Prince Harry – News – WebMediums
Prince Harry and diana

Harry has been a great activist in the fight to destroy and end once and for all those minefields that have damaged the lives of so many people; including children.

Prince Harry Charity

Princess Diana has left in her children a legacy that has marked them forever, and of which they have been worthy representatives.

That is why they have followed in her footsteps in the different charitable works that she promoted many years ago and those that she proudly continued to carry out, even after her divorce.

One of those activities was his fight against antipersonnel mines; this was a personal challenge for her. His fight was to make the world aware of the existence of these fields of horror and death. Where innocently many have lost their lives or have ended up mutilated.

Now Prince Harry, from the hand of the same organization as Diana: Halo Trust. 21 years later, covering part of his body with armor, the youngest son of Diana of Wales has done the same, moving through the same place that his mother did in the past.

Controlled explosion

Antipersonnel mines seek to destroy or physically harm those who walk on foot, there are also landmines or anti-vehicle mines.

While it is true that they are less sensitive, it is no less true that their explosives charge is more powerful than the former.

On the tour, Prince Harry 21 years later, carried out a controlled explosion for the purpose of destroying an antipersonnel mine, just as his mother did.

21 years after Diana, so does Prince Harry – News – WebMediums