25 million smartphones infected by malware

Jesús Tremont
2 min read

This malicious application managed to camouflage itself as an official Google application and infect more than 25 million mobile devices.

25 million smartphones infected by malware – News – WebMediums

The virus in question is called Agent Smith, in Spanish Agent Smith, alluding to the well-known character in the Matrix movie saga. What the virus does is replace applications that you have installed by a version with a malicious code, this is done with one or several applications, very similar to what the Matrix character did, that's why the name.

The vulnerability that exploits this virus is a knowledge of the Android operating system, Janus, a vulnerability that allows malwares to be injected by skipping certification controls.

Note that this malware is completely silent, the user can not find out what is happening on your phone. The malware was discovered by the cybersecurity company Check Point. The company claims that there are at least 25 million infected devices in places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many others in Australia and even in the United States.

Among the things that this virus can do we find that it is capable of generating advertisements in order for the virus developers to profit, this is one of the things that it does, but it is also capable of doing more. If you wish, the virus can steal personal data such as bank details, contact numbers, and other important information. In addition, the virus can also spy on you by activating the microphone of your device without you noticing.

This virus has been around for several years but had not reached the PlayStore, it had expanded through alternative application stores that some users use, but this is the first time it has reached these levels of infection.

Hopefully this does not happen to major, the cybersecurity company Cyber ​​Check said that it is already working with Google to solve this.