50 years of the Mexico City metro

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Fifty years ago, an ambitious project was started that would become the metro with the greatest mobility in Latin America. However, 50 years after being in operation, little has changed, it is always believed to be unsafe in its stations and the technology has remained a myth for the Mexico metro.

A little more than 5 million people are transported daily. In the construction of the subway, more than 20 thousand historical objects were found, in addition to several temples and special sites. This caused that the works were delayed or stations were made as a kind of museums, so that history was not destroyed.

50 years of the Mexico City metro – News – WebMediums

However, all these religious relics and the worship of the ancient gods is not enough in a true rush hour. The train does not really support the massive number of Mexicans who request the service every day, but the solution is not to expand it, but to innovate it.

Sometimes, mechanical failures create delays, the little technology does not allow it to be efficient, and it has had very few improvements since its inception. Some consider that the subway must innovate and provide a quality service to Mexicans.

Others are more mysterious and assure that the deterioration of the train is due to the fact that in the last decade a little more than 160 people have taken their lives on its roads. Although others believe that the nearly 40 babies that have been born while transporting their mothers should be celebrated.

50 years of the Mexico City metro – News – WebMediums

It remains to be expected if in the following years the Mexico City subway manages to innovate and acquire state-of-the-art technology that allows increasing the number of trips and likewise, reducing the long lines that are made to enter the stations. In addition, to provide an adequate service to those who have grown up in the last 5 decades traveling inside their wagons.

50 years of the Mexico City metro – News – WebMediums
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Se cumplen 50 años del metro de Ciudad de México
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