A new blackout occurs in Venezuela

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It is the central area of Venezuela that is without electricity service. The National Electricity Corporation is working to restore energy services.

A new blackout occurs in Venezuela – News – WebMediums

Blackouts became a constant problem in Venezuela. In some areas of the country it is already a way of life and Venezuelans save money to buy power plants, taking advantage of the fact that gasoline is cheap in that country.

Most of the blackout was registered in the state of Miranda, affecting the capital and at least 8 important sectors of the region.

However, local damage became a bigger problem when users reported blackouts in 9 other states of Venezuela. So far they are only speculation, since the company has not clarified what this blackout is about.

Caracas was also the victim of some blackouts, however the service has been established in parts. Some users say that transport services were suspended in various sectors due to the lack of electricity, especially the cable car.

In the late afternoon, the Venezuelan authorities confirmed that the metro service was operating normally.

A new blackout occurs in Venezuela – News – WebMediums
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