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A plane crashes into a building in Milan, killing 8 people

Luis Rafael
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A few hours ago, a Piper tourist plane crashed into a building that is located near the station, line 3 of San Donato in Milan.

The accident was on Sunday, October 3, the impact that the plane had when hitting the building caused the death of 8 people who were inside the plane, it was a terrible event and could not be avoided in any way.

It is worth mentioning that the moment the plane crashed into the building, the structure immediately caught fire and the plane too. However, the moment the fire brigade arrived to assist the people who were in the building and put out the fire, they noticed that there was absolutely no one inside the Building in Milan.

A plane crashes into a building in Milan, killing 8 people – News
Building burned by impact against plane

The plane was just taking off to head to its destination

The National Air Safety Agency reported that this plane was just leaving Milan's Linate airport.

The destination that he had programmed was to reach the Island of Cerdanya, only a time later he crashed into the building.

This was not a large building, it only had 2 levels, and it was reported that the structure did not have anyone inside. The EFE agency reported that the building was used to park cars.

Therefore, in this accident the only people who died were those who were inside the plane, it was a private plane in which there were only 8 people including the pilot.

The pilot of the plane was one of the best-known tycoons in Romania

The Italian news agency AGI reported that the person who was piloting this plane was a Romanian billionaire. His name was Don Petrescu and he was 68 years old, all the people inside the plane died in the accident.

Among the people who were victims of the plane crash that crashed into the building were: the wife of the billionaire pilot, his 30-year-old son Dan Stefano and a child.

Mr. Don Petrescu was one of the wealthiest people in Romania, he also had German nationality, he was a person with power and he headed a construction group. He owned hypermarkets and shopping centers in his country.

A person who resides near the place where the plane crashed was interviewed and expressed his words

Giuseppe is a 26-year-old young man who lives near the building where the terrible plane crash occurred, he claims that at the moment it happened he was surprised to see everything that was happening.

"The glass in my windows shook, I opened the window and, like in the movies, I saw a large column of smoke rising, and I called the emergency services." These were the words of Giuseppe when the AGI interviewed him.