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AMLO proposes that doctors earn more in Mexican rural hospitals

Fermín Gómez
3 min read

In a dialogue with the community of the Mapastepec Rural Hospital, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) assured that there are sufficient resources to guarantee a better health system in the country. In addition, he mentioned that a mechanism is being developed so that there are enough doctors and specialists in rural hospitals, as well as to provide medicines to these health centers.

AMLO proposes that doctors earn more in Mexican rural hospitals
Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

AMLO has started a work tour that will take him through the hospitals of the Social Security open population care system, which were created 40 years ago within the framework of the IMSS-Coplamar program, which is currently called IMSS-Wellness.

The Mexican president spoke before the staff of the hospital that offers an average of 120 consultations, 3 surgeries and 5 normal deliveries every day, and also performs an average of 176 clinical analyzes daily.

AMLO toured the hospital inaugurated on June 15, 1993, which serves a registered population of 19,452 people, has 30 census beds and 8 non-census beds.

In his speech, he stated that the health system will be integrated into a single institution in order to provide a better service, respecting the labor rights of workers, without unjustified dismissals or salary reductions, since he hopes that when his government ends, have a good health system.

Before doctors, nurses and the public, AMLO explained that a way will be sought for specialists in rural hospitals to earn more than those in the state capital, so that they have a stimulus that allows them to have all the necessary specialists.

The president proposed reinforcing collaboration with universities to promote medical careers and open more places to achieve an increase in the number of doctors and improve the health system.

In this context and after listening to the needs of the medical staff and volunteers, he stressed that on many occasions specialists do not want to be in hospitals that are a little far from the big cities, so incentives will be sought.

He expressed that "we are going to find a way for the specialist to come to the most remote towns, earn more than the one who is there in the state capital. The further away, the more they earn. How do you see it?"

Mexican President López Obrador stated that various mechanisms will be implemented that will improve the entire health system, and expressed that exceptional models such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Nordic countries will be followed in the world.