An underwater observatory disappeared without a trace

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One of the underwater stations that had collected the most data in history has disappeared without leaving a trace. Although the value of the substation is low compared to other technology, this was the oldest in the world and had thousands of data collected, representing a priceless loss.

An underwater observatory disappeared without a trace – News – WebMediums

62 years of information at the underwater observatory

The event occurred in the Baltic Sea, in the things of Germany. The first versions of what happened date back to when the substations were forcibly removed, due to a totally unknown event. The last transmission was made on August 21, however, GEOMAR, who is in charge of the substation, believed that it was a mistake. Therefore, they sent a team of divers to look for possible damage, but when they arrived in the area the devices were no longer there.

An underwater observatory disappeared without a trace – News – WebMediums
Land cable

The mystery increased when they found the land cable completely shredded, in addition, there are signs of forcing to detach. The underwater observatory had been in the area since 1957 and collected information about the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

However, the versions point to people who took the observatory. In a statement it was stated that the equipment and the installation were totally heavy for an animal or some storm to be able to destroy it.

Since then, it is being investigated on the nearby coasts if someone observed something strange during those days, such as trucks or technological equipment on the coasts. Although the entire observatory is only worth 300 thousand euros, the information it has collected over 62 years is invaluable.