Armando Vega Gil: Suicide caused in Mexico?

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Armando Vega Gil is a Mexican artist who announced his suicide on Twitter after the accusations made against him with the hashtag #MeTooMusicosMexicanos. The bassist of Botellita de Jeréz, received strong accusations of sexual abuse against him, to date, nothing has been proven, but the artist at the time decided to kill himself and put an end to his anguish.

Armando Vega Gil: Suicide caused in Mexico? – News – WebMediums
Photograph by Armando Vega Gil

Next, the letter that he left in his own social network. To understand suicide, we will highlight in bold, the phrases that we consider explain their act of suicide.

Armando Vega Gil suicide letter

Good evening everyone. A few hours ago, on the #MeTooMusicosMexicanos Twitter account, a girl accused me of abuse and harassment. She narrates that the episode occurred when she was 13 years old, which makes this become serious, very serious.

Well, I affirm it categorically, that accusation is false. I am a public person and I constantly receive people, many minors, in my house for interviews, workshops, or simply in talks with some of these girls and boys who follow my career, and I maintain communication with them.

One of my most important jobs is to write and sing for boys, besides, I am a father of a family. I have always strived to defend the universal rights of children, I am against their exploitation and mistreatment, physical and psychological abuse against them, and with my work as a musician and writer I try to make their lives happy.

I work with humanitarian associations to help in natural disasters and to make funds for girls and boys without resources for their treatments.

The complaint that is made in #MeTooMusicosMexicanos is anonymous and whoever launches it on the networks has every right to do so, but this calls my entire career into question. I insist, it did not happen.

That is why I would have invited her to talk about this matter, she with evidence and witnesses, and accompanied by advisers and the girls from #MeTooMusicosMexicanos so that she was sure that there would be no threats or reprisals from me.

It is right for women to speak out to make our rotten world change. Denunciation is an inalienable right, especially for women in this country and around the world.

Femicides, kidnappings, pornography are an evil that is progressing spectacularly and nothing seems to stop it, and even so, it must stop, no matter what.

In short, it is a fact that I will lose my jobs, because all of them are built on my public credibility. My life is stopped, there is no way out. I know that in networks I have no way to advocate for myself, anything I say will be used against me, and this is a reality that has won its right in the world, because women, crushed by fear and threat, are the main victims of our world.

In this perspective, my least wish is for my son to be affected by the false accusation made against me.

I must clarify that my death is not a confession of guilt, quite the contrary, it is a radical declaration of innocence; I just want to clear my son's path in the future.

His orphanhood is a terrible way to violate him, but a terrible ending is better than an endless terror. The only way out I see in front of me is suicide, so I decide for it.

I want to apologize to the women that I made uncomfortable with my words and attitudes, to the women that I hurt with my macho ways. My struggle so far had been to try to be consistent, to be true to my principles.

This battle is complicated because men, males, are creatures of our times. Thanks to those who showed solidarity with me, to those who sheltered me with their love for these 64 years.

So do not blame anyone for my death: This — suicide — is a conscious, voluntary, free and personal decision. See you soon, Armando Vega Gil.

Armando Vega Gil: Suicide caused in Mexico? – News – WebMediums