Beheaded bodies appear on the border with Colombia and Venezuela

Cristian García
2 min read

Last july 6th the news was discovered that the Venezuelan military had captured a group of individuals who kept human heads between your belongings. This whole event was evidenced in the river Táchira, which is located on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

Beheaded bodies appear on the border with Colombia and Venezuela

In the bag that contained the bodies of Venezuelans, it also he found a pamphlet that corresponded to a group called United Autodefensas Colombo-Venezolanas. All this seems to show that it is a criminal or paramilitary group that can be protected in Venezuelan territory.

In all, the military found 3 human heads, which are still unknown their identities and who are the relatives of these victims. Likewise, it has not been clarified why this paramilitary group decided to assassinate them ruthlessly.

The 5 individuals that were transporting said human remainsthey were arrested by military officers and then transferred to the CICPC police stations in Venezuela. All this throws a macabre event that is lived in this country that is going through one of its worst general crisis of all time.

The beheadings could be executed by the group of drug traffickers La Linea

Recently, it has been reported that the Venezuelan border may be controlled by a group of drug traffickers known as The Line, which would be commanded by Jesus José Hernández Almarza 24 years old and that is known as Cause.

The soldiers who run the Venezuelan border have said that The Line they have a criminal control of up to 6 kilometers from the border, which is managed by the 60 individuals that make up this group so reckless and that has caused commotion on several occasions.

The police director of Cuatta, the colonel José Luis Palomino, said that it is not known if this group of drug traffickers have to do with the murder of these 3 individuals:

It is not yet clear if there is a relationship between La Línea and those captured in Venezuela with the sacks. But it is true that everyone is looking for confrontations.

In this way, it is necessary wait for official statements from the Venezuelan security forces to know all kinds of details about this event that has generated commotion throughout the world. It seems that the answer will be given shorter than imagined.