Boeing loses big order for 737 Max aircraft

Jesús Tremont
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The multinational company that manufactures and sells airplanes, helicopters, satellites and other aerial products, I would have lost a purchase of 50 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, on the part of the Arab airline Flyadeal, because the new airplane model brings with it some problems.

Boeing loses big order for 737 Max aircraft – News – WebMediums

All bad for the multinational Boeing, this agreement between Boeing and Flyadeal to buy 30 737 MAX aircraft, with the option to buy another 20 in the future, went to the fiasco, but that is not the only problem, in addition to that Flyadeal canceled its purchase (which would have generated $5.200 million of US dollars to Boeing), also said that it would acquire instead, 30 A320 Neo airplanes, aircraft belonging to AirBus, the biggest rival of Boeing.

Background of the 737 MAX

The Boeing 737 MAX is the flagship of the company, an imposing but dangerous aircraft. The aircraft, besides being luxurious, is easy to repair and has low costs, which is why it has been one of the best-selling aircraft in history.

Boeing loses big order for 737 Max aircraft – News – WebMediums
Boeing 737 MAX.

It is not the first time that the purchase of this plane is canceled, the Azal airline would also have canceled the purchase of 10 of these aircraft, missing the opportunity to generate more than $800 million dollars for Boeing. Also, the biggest “loss” that Boeing has suffered at the hands of this plane was a purchase of 216 737 MAX aircraft by the Jet AirWays airline, although this time it was not because of Boeing's distrust, but because the airline went bankrupt.

Fatal accidents

His bad reputation does not come from nowhere, this plane has earned the distrust that you have, pulse. Two accidents, one in October 2018 and the other in March of this year, left an unfortunate number of deaths. 346 is the total number of victims who lost their lives to board one of these planes.

For these accidents Boeing disbursed $100 million dollars to distribute among the relatives of those affected, a ridiculous figure for a lost loved one, even more so when you know the amount of money that these types of companies have.

The two planes charged between the two 346 lives had a failure in the control system, Boeing said he had fixed the problem but the Federal Aviation Administration said they still had problems with the control software. Supposedly, Boeing said he had fixed the problem again and is waiting for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to approve the update. Meanwhile, the use of these aircraft is totally forbidden.

Boeing trusts his plane

Despite all these problems, boeing continues to manufacture the 737 MAX, at a much slower pace but continues to manufacture them. 42 aircraft of the type 737 MAX are still manufactured per month and are planning to increase this figure when the FAA approves.

Airplanes are the safest way to travel, of that there is no doubt, despite what many people think, the number of deaths per year due to plane crashes can not be compared in the least to the number of car accidents. The big difference between a plane crash and a car accident is that, in one you can save yourself, in the other it is almost impossible.