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Brazil continues as the lone leader of the South American qualifiers

German Centeno
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Brazil continues as the lone leader of the South American qualifiers
Brazil is consolidated as the best in South America

The Brazilian team continues to show all its power in these South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, on this last day of the triple date it has beaten the Uruguay team 4-1, thus reaching a total of 31 points and 33 possible, has only lost points to Colombia after drawing zero goals.

Likewise, it has a pending match against Argentina at home, so it could reach 34 points in the standings, ensuring its assistance to Qatar from now on.

In addition, with this victory, the Brazilian team reached a total of 28 consecutive games without losing in knockout rounds, which shows the good moment that this South American team is going through.

Brazil the best in South America and one of the best in the world

Brazil continues as the lone leader of the South American qualifiers
Brazil celebrating one of their victories

It is no secret to anyone that Brazilians have always been the kings of football, who stand out for having players who play very well with their feet and for having a beautiful game.

That is why Brazil is considered the best in South America and one of the best in the world.

So far they are getting their second-best unbeaten streak behind England, who remain unbeaten with 29 games.

However, if Brazil draws or wins against Argentina, it would be reaching the unbeaten position of England. It would only be missing which of the two teams manages to maintain its undefeated even more.

This 28 -game streak also becomes the team's second-best streak, as the most that has gone unbeaten would have been 31 matches during 1954 and 1993.

This team, which has one of the best players in the world like Neymar, is one of the leaders in the tie and is six points behind Leo Messi's Argentina, an advantage that could rise to nine points if they beat them.

It should be remembered that the last match between both teams in Brazil was for the final of the Copa América that Messi's team won, so Neymar and company will seek revenge on this new tie date.

Ecuador remains in third place and is 14 points behind Brazil, while Colombia is 15 units away, a distance that seems difficult to reach when there are only six dates remaining to finish qualifying for Qatar 2022.

According to these data, Neymar and company have more than half a foot in the next World Cup, the only team that has been able to participate in all these competitions, so it will be their 22nd participation in world cups.

Brazil and France the two favorites for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Brazil continues as the lone leader of the South American qualifiers
Neymar and company favorites to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Brazil is the main favorite to stay with the contest for South America, while for Europe it is France. Despite the fact that Brazil fell in the last Copa América final with Argentina, it is still considered the best on the continent, so its role as favorite continues.

It has important players worldwide such as Marquinhos, Gabriel Jesus, Ederson or Neymar to just name a few of them. This is how this Brazilian squad will look for its sixth trophy in the world, being the team that has won this competition the most times.

But not only the selection of Neymar nor the France of Benzema, Griezmann and Mbappé must be taken into account, but other teams of great importance appear and that are going through a very good moment such as Argentina, current champion of the Copa América, Germany and Italy European champions, Spain current runner-up in the UEFA Nations League or England runner-up in Europe.

All these teams are the main favorites to win the trophy in Qatar 2022, but no surprises can be ruled out as it always happens in this type of competition, so teams such as Belgium or the Netherlands cannot be neglected, who also they can put up the title fight.