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British MP is stabbed to death during a rally with voters in a church

German Centeno
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British MP is stabbed to death during a rally with voters in a church
David Amess is stabbed to death

What only appeared to be a political act in Britain ended in a real tragedy for all. David Amess, Conservative deputy, was stabbed to death this Friday at the Belfair Methodist Church in the town of Leigh-on-Sea, England, the incident occurred when Amess had a meeting with his constituents.

So far, the police have confirmed the arrest of a man as the main suspect, an arrest that took place at noon yesterday.

"We received a phone call to an address on Eastwood Road North around 12:05, upon arrival at the scene we found an injured man and despite receiving emergency care, unfortunately he died at the scene", the police text recites.

According to the authorities, the police forces have indicated the following: "A 25-year-old man who until now is the main suspect in the cruel murder has been arrested. The agents recovered the knife with which David Amess would have been killed".

A terrorist act that stains British politics

British MP is stabbed to death during a rally with voters in a church
Conservative MP Amess assassinated in England

According to British newspapers, it is said that the detainee may be an attacker of Somali origin.

Witnesses at the time of his arrest assured that the suspect looked very calm and obedient while the policemen took him away on the patrol.

British police officers are conducting an investigation into possible links between the Islamist extremists and the suspect, and whether there is any terrorist motive in this attack.

Some witnesses of the place and who witnessed the events have assured that the 69-year-old parliamentarian, who was currently married with five children, was repeatedly stabbed, while also describing the large police deployment in the place.

Amess sought measures to combat knife crimes

British MP is stabbed to death during a rally with voters in a church
Amess sought to improve security measures against knife crimes

Just seven months ago the conservative deputy was seeking measures to combat knife crimes in the country, this after the news was known in which an 18-year-old had been stabbed to death in February.

This is how Amess would have asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to increase security measures.

At that time, the deceased today would have asked that much more be done to stop the senseless murders, assuring at that time that the elector, Luke Bellfield, just 18 years old, had been stabbed to death a few miles from his home.

At that time this event became a terrible event for their families, friends and the entire British community.

David Amess as the main defender of human rights, asked the police to do more so that these types of absurd murders do not happen again.

On the other hand, Boris Johnson assured this Friday that all British hearts are filled with sadness and very moved to learn of the loss of one of the most sincere and correct people in politics.

They also highlighted the impressive record of laws passed to help the most vulnerable created by Amess.

An event very similar to the murder of Jo Cox in 2016

British MP is stabbed to death during a rally with voters in a church
A new political tragedy in England

This new violent event has allowed us to remember what was the murder in June 2006 of the Labor deputy Jo Cox, an event in which a far-right activist known as Thomas Alexander Mair will provide her with 15 handfuls and then finish her off with several shots, a terrifying murder that left an entire country in panic.

This is how the Jo Cox Foundation was totally terrified to learn about the crime of Congressman Amess. "We think of him, of all his relatives and loved ones, it is a very terrible moment for them" public through the Twitter account of the institution created to remember the murdered Labor deputy at 41 years of age.

"When they attack our elected representatives, it is an attack on democracy, these facts cannot be justified, it is the most cowardly thing anyone can do," said Brendan Cox, widower of the deputy who died in 2006.

On the other hand, Labor MP Stephen Timms, who was stabbed in 2010, expressed being really terrified and scared after learning about the attack on the Conservative MP that has unfortunately taken his life.

The leader of opposition training, Keir Starmer, has published a message through her social network: "Terrible and very shocking news for everyone. Thinking of David and all his family members. Very regrettable and worrying news reports from Leigh-on -Yes".

My thoughts and prayers with Rep. Amess and his family. "My thoughts and prayers with Rep. Amess and his family."

In Downing Street, the residence of the Prime Minister of London, they have placed the British flag at half-mast in recognition of the Conservative deputy who has been cruelly murdered this Friday.

Against abortion and Catholic

British MP is stabbed to death during a rally with voters in a church
Farewell Mass for David Amess

David Amess, who entered Parliament in 1983 as a deputy for Basildon. He was raised as a Roman Catholic and was publicly known as one of the conservatives of social activities and a prominent activist against abortion and for animal protection.

While locally, David was known for his campaign for the town of Southend to achieve city status. A Catholic man and a believer in the word of God, who has been assassinated in one of the precincts most visited by him.