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British society calls for Putin parodies to be removed

Cristian García
2 min read

The citizens of the British community have asked the BBC for the immediate suspension of its TV program "Tonight With Vladimir Putin" ("Tonight with Vladimir Putin"), a space where caricatures of Putin interviewing various celebrities are shown.

British society calls for Putin parodies to be removed – News – WebMediums

The new BBC show has generated a lot of annoyance, due to the distorted animated representation given to the real characters. In this way, we see a Prince William with somewhat dark skin and not-so-refined manners.

What has generated the most controversy after the premiere of "Tonight With Vladimir Putin" has been the representation of the Duchess of Sussex, which has generated a wave of criticism for the racist aspects of the program.

Video promocional del programa "Tonight Show With Vladimir Putin".

In this new show, an offensive and haughty Meghan Markle can be seen talking about all kinds of scandals. In his last appearance, he made comments indicating his "bad relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge".

Some media made their own evaluations of the program. For example, The Guardian indicated that the show was considered an "offensive and unfunny mess". A member of The Sun also expressed his rejection of said program.

"Tonight With Vladimir Putin" is a comedy program released by the BBC last Sunday. It includes interviews, in a space of about 10 minutes, with all kinds of real life characters. In addition, the show usually makes animated representations of some public figures, giving them "humorous" touches.