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Chile: Right vs Left, find out what the presidential candidates propose

The aspirants to lead the southern country have opposite policies, which ones will expire on December 19?

Darwin Nexans
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Chile: Right vs Left, find out what the presidential candidates propose

T his weekend Chile celebrated the first round of the presidential elections, where two candidates with totally opposite ideologies were the most voted.

On the one hand, with 27.91% of the votes, the right-wing José Antonio Kast won first place, while the left-wing Gabriel Boric managed to get 25.82% of popular support, to go to the second round.

The results have been classified as the most polarized in the entire history of Chile, since both promote diametrically extreme ideologies, but this has attracted more attention, since in 2019 citizens protested against neoliberal measures and demanded more social attention.

Now, despite the fact that Kast was in the first position, everything has not been said yet, we will have to wait until December 19 to find out what is in store for Chile, and who will assume the reins of the presidency of the Republic.

Another big difference is age. The lawyer and ex-MP José Antonio Kast of the Republican Party is 55 years old, while his adversary, the former student leader and also a lawyer and parliamentarian, Gabriel Boric of the Approve Dignity party is 35 years old.

His proposals to govern

For now, let us know the main proposals that these candidates have to convince the people.

When it comes to the economy, Kast wants to focus on pursuing policies that reduce fiscal spending, as well as deregulating markets, and privatizing companies.

Chile: Right vs Left, find out what the presidential candidates propose

You are also interested in reducing taxes, and you want to implement a tax reform.

With these measures, the right-wing asserts that private investment will increase, and economic growth will be evidenced in the country, which according to his proposals will rise at rates of 5% to 7% annually.

It is also proposed to reduce taxes on companies from 27% to 17%, the Value Added Tax wants to lower it from 19% to 17%, bring the taxes of small and medium industries to zero.

For his part, Boric, to strengthen the State in the economic area, aims to increase fiscal spending and the tax burden by at least 8 points of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in a maximum of 8 years.

Like all leftists, Boric proposes revolutionary ideas that focus on social protection and guaranteeing universal basic rights.

It will open up job opportunities and incentivize hiring, and it wants to give women more privileges when looking for work.

He is determined to increase taxes on those who have large sums of money, demand a payment from large companies dedicated to mining, and implement tax policies aimed at tax collection that generate money for social spending.

Regarding pensions, José Antonio Kast has said that he will adjust the current system by increasing the retirement age, as well as the amount of contributions.

For his part, Gabriel Boric intends to reform the system to 100%, for which he will create a new one in which the funds are administered by a public and autonomous body.

In terms of health, Kast plans to allow public health to offer the medical solutions that it generates, as well as allow them to contract services.

Chile: Right vs Left, find out what the presidential candidates propose

Similarly, in its government program it has included an appendix focused on strengthening telemedicine, for which it has proposed to create an entity that is dedicated to technically evaluating the treatments that would be covered by insurance.

While Boric has designed the Universal Health Fund (FUS) which will be in charge of managing the money paid by workers and what is contributed by the State.

He has assured that he will eliminate private insurance, called isapres, and turn them into voluntary complementary insurance.

In education, Kast of the Republican Party has been categorical in stating that he will repeal the Inclusion Law, as well as the content taught in educational institutions that promote support for abortion, as well as the so-called gender ideology. The educational reform currently being discussed in Parliament is also opposed.

Chile: Right vs Left, find out what the presidential candidates propose

On the other hand, he has said repeatedly that he will invest to strengthen online education and that it has a lower cost. It aims to shorten the duration of university careers.

Boric will expand free education to a higher level, and wants to end the financing that banks give to the education system. He also believes that educational reform should be eliminated.

On the migration issue, the former parliamentarian, José Antonio Kast, proposes to install a three-meter-deep ditch with fences around the northern border of Chile, this to prevent the passage of irregular migrants in that area.

Chile: Right vs Left, find out what the presidential candidates propose

For Boric, in this regard the issue of human rights is fundamental, however he has not proposed a definitive policy to deal with illegal migrants.

With regard to abortion, Kast will repeal the law that allows this act, as it is provid and believes that the family must be strengthened, for this he will grant economic incentives to married couples.

Gabriel Boric, is more liberal in this sense, and defends the banners of the right to abortion, sexual diversity and marriage between couples of the same sex.