China warns it will deploy the army to Hong Kong to control riot if necessary

 Jender Milano
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The protests that have been taking place in Hong Kong for more than a month have been increasing in tone and what seemed a continuation of the struggle of years ago by a sector of the population that demands to maintain certain conditions in their system inherited from their old condition as a colony in the UK, he has moved on to a direct challenge to the central authority in China.

The key point of the matter is that Hong Kong belongs to China and although the central power recognizes its local autonomy, by no means do they seem willing to allow those who yearn for a Hong Kong outside their control to take over the streets on a recurring basis, creating problems for the people who travel on public roads.

China warns it will deploy the army to Hong Kong to control riot if necessary
Protesters placing a barricade on a public road

Clashes of protesters for and against Chinese control

A few hours ago there were clashes between people in the area of protests for and against them. With these confrontations, the scene begins to get out of the hands of the local government, for this reason and due to the insistence of the groups that protest to radicalize their actions, Wu Qian, Chinese defense minister, has invoked article 14.

As it belongs to China, Hong Kong has on its territory troops from the Chinese Liberation Army, the largest army in the world, however, Article 14 clearly states that they should not interfere in local affairs unless the local government requests it well be it due to catastrophes or natural emergencies or the immediate need to control public order, everything points to the second option in this case.

One country, two systems

Such has been the agreement that has been maintained in Hong Kong, since it was a British colony until 1997, when returning to Chinese control, some elements of the instituted system were respected but always making it clear that Hong Kong belongs to China.

The Chinese authorities have recently accused the United Kingdom and the United States of fomenting the riots by trying to transform the protests into an issue of freedom of expression, when it comes to groups of people who actually want to return to British control under the guise of seeking full autonomy, which will not happen.

No foreign force will intervene in Hong Kong

This has been clarified repeatedly by China, in particular after statements by senior officials from the US and the United Kingdom. Right across the street from the local government office in Hong Kong across the street is the Chinese Army garrison in Hong Kong, it's a well-opened place, with thousands of officials who could intervene in seconds if ordered by the government central. So far, the limited number of protesters has kept China's need to activate such a contingent at bay.

The protesters are increasingly forced into more government spaces in provocation to the central government and China has responded by sending dissuasive signals, thus we saw how groups of people entered the headquarters of the parliament and in a few hours the Chinese army was doing naval practices off the coast of Hong Kong, training to act fast when necessary.

For now, what the Chinese government has delivered is a warning to protesters and a reminder to local power: If things get out of hand, the Chinese military will act to ensure peace and stability in the region.

China warns it will deploy the army to Hong Kong to control riot if necessary