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Cuba: 127 were sentenced to a total of 1,916 years in prison

So far the age of any of the detainees is not known in detail.

Veronica Morao
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Cuba: 127 were sentenced to a total of 1,916 years in prison
Cuban protesters were arrested.

A large group of 127 people were sentenced to a total of 1,916 years in prison, by Cuban justice. These people were related to the anti-government protests of July 11 last year.

Likewise, the Supreme Court of the Republic has informed through a press release of the ruling of the People's Provincial Court of Havana for the trial, which was held between November 14, 2021 and February 3, 2022.

This was done directly by the events that occurred in the municipalities of Arroyo Naranjo and Diez de Octubre.

Of the 129 accused, one of them was acquitted and the other only received 4 years of deprivation of liberty, with correctional work without internment.

According to detailed information, all those on trial had been accused of provoking and committing riots and acts of vandalism. This with the aim of destabilizing public order, citizen tranquility and collective security.

Details of the sentence of the defendants

Despite knowing the time of the sentence, the ages of the people who were tried are not known until now.

Among the maximum sentences are: two sentences of 30 years, one of 26 years, three of 25 years, eight of 23 years, three of 22 years, three of 21 years, 11 of 20 years, four of 19 years, eleven of 18 years, six of 16 years and 9 of 15 years in prison, 10 of 14 years.

There were also sentences: six people to 13 years, 17 people to 12 years, five to 11 years, 10 to 10 years, four to 9 years, 8 to 8 years, four to seven years and two to six.

In this way, the Supreme Court highlighted that the judges took into account: all the personal conditions of those involved, the degree of participation of each one. In addition to the violence, seriousness and harmfulness of the acts committed.

In the trial, he also highlighted the situation that Cuba was experiencing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly in Havana.

In the capital of the country, there were, at that time, strict measures to counteract the effects of the disease. Among the measures was social isolation and limitation of movement.

Those convicted are obliged to compensate all the people who were injured as a result of the acts committed, and must repair the damage caused in all entities.

The statement informed the prosecution and the defendants who have been sanctioned, the prohibition of the right to file appeals before the People's Supreme Court, against the sentence issued by the judicial body