US vs Cuba at the UN Is the End of Confrontation Needing?

Crossed statements seem to announce new times, however the actions and strategy of both countries does not differ from the past.

Enrique R
Enrique R
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The recent UN General Assembly was the first for President Biden, many were attentive to his words by the Trump supporters' campaign, which pretended to approach him at a left position. On the other hand, the left is living a kind of rebirth in the region, so many knew there would be statements from Cuba against the North American country. There was movement and side movement, although few things change really.

US vs Cuba at the UN Is the End of Confrontation Needing? – News – WebMediums

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, took almost all his speech to claim the United States the coercive measures of the country against the island. He even went beyond the traditional signs against the blockade that recurrently has an almost total support to Cuba at the UN.

Díaz-Canel referred specifically to the measures taken by Trump, which many Cuban citizens in both the US and Cuba expected to see repealed. The media image sold by Trump's campaign, apparently managed to Even leaders of leftover countries like Cuba expected real background changes in the US strategy against the island.

Díaz-Canel accused the US of wanting to erase the Cuban Revolution from the map

Alternatively, with congratulations to scientific teams who managed to develop the Cuban Abdala and Sovereign vaccine, ended referring to the United States wants to erase the Cuban Revolution, Something will never achieve.

US vs Cuba at the UN Is the End of Confrontation Needing? – News – WebMediums

The president of the US, Joe Biden, moved during his speech at the UN between two aspects. On the one hand he said that we are facing the beginning of the age of diplomacy from the US, providing an image that is the counterpart of the palpable reality so far from the United States.

"United States is willing to use the force where necessary, but the US military power must be the last resort" He made some clear winks on the confrontation with China, clarifying that the country of him does not seek a new Cold War. However, about Cuba, it was quite frontal.

Joe Biden lashed out against Venezuela and Cuba

"The future is from those who give freedom to their peoples, not of those who suffocate the people with an iron hand". He also said that the "authoritarianism who is exercised in countries like Venezuela and Cuba has no place in the current world", calling those who protest in these countries to stay on the streets to promote changes.

US vs Cuba at the UN Is the End of Confrontation Needing? – News – WebMediums

An interesting point at this General Assembly of the UN, is that we did not see strong alliances of countries in one or another position. Many leaders have problems serving in their countries, processes of close elections and crises that occupy each president in the affairs of his country.

There were no block pressures such as the group of Lima or El Alba

Some countries pointed out Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua, others to the United States but in general, allies of these countries took a large part of their interventions to discuss transcendental issues within their borders.

Being the group of Lima already exhausted, we did not see the traditional pressure against Cuba and Venezuela since those who were part of that group. The founding country of the Group, Peru, now has a progressive president that although it is not the frontal ally of the countries of the left in the region, does not bind against any attacks either. The position of it so far over Cuba and the US is neutral, calling dialogue and peace above all else.

The Alba and the Allied countries of Venezuela had a similar position without coordinated political attacks against the United States or in defense of Cuba, except Venezuela, whose discourse included a clear position in solidarity with Cuba, countries like Bolivia took advantage of space for, for example, denouncing facts that continue to discover about the coup d'état against Evo Morales and the illegal government of Jeanine Áñez, discoveries that affect Macri Former President and other countries in the region.

Will something change between the US and Cuba as of the UN General Assembly?

US vs Cuba at the UN Is the End of Confrontation Needing? – News – WebMediums

There is nothing in the environment that announced the end of short or medium term confrontation, a space like UN usually serves as a real platform to end conflicts of this type, which also in the case of Cuba and USA are Tied to a historical conflict as was the Cold War and the crisis of the missiles.

In addition to the above, the General Assembly of the United Nations is not a space for intervention or study to take actions for specific causes, it is a space where all presidents of the Member Countries are recognized, a space is given to manifesting what They consider the most important issues about their country, as well as making any contribution to relevant issues of the world.

The Interventions or mediations in the UN can be defined from requests, studies or events in specific spaces of the Organization, such as the Security Council.

Can Celac be the key body to treat the problem between the US and Cuba?

It is an alternative that drives the regional left since the time of President Hugo Chávez, the main driver and who is now retouned by the strengthening of the left in the region, in this case now driven by the president of Mexico, López Obrador.

However, this alternative could serve more than gear from CELAC countries to take measures or actions in alliance and benefit of their joint economies or policies, which to mediate between a member country and a power such as the US, something that is aggravated with the fact that US is not part of the CELAC, so it could be this mediator organism between Cuba and North American power.

If someone expected a great S Orpresa from Joe Biden's government on the subject Cuba, he must understand that in the US there are very powerful lobbies, introducing a substantial change would imply turning on many of those lobbies, and This could cause a serious crisis in any government. For now, the UN General Assembly nor does it move or close to the United States and Cuba. In the sports slang, the ball is still in the field, the teams remain confronted and practically with the same strategies.