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Death or freedom, the difficult passage of the Darien

Luis Francisco Gamez
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Death or freedom, the difficult passage of the Darien – News – WebMediums
The increasing increase in women and children due to risky passage through the Darien plug.

In times of crisis, options are closed for people who suffer from deficiencies and lack of financial solvency, which is why they make hasty decisions, which many times are not the most correct.

For this reason, we have dedicated a space to tell you about the difficult journey that many migrants face in search of an American dream or simply because they feel the need to seek greater opportunities for their families.

The Darien pass

The Darien pass is a jungle and swampy area located on the border of Central America with South America, in other words it is the pass between Panama and Colombia.

This step has historically functioned as a natural barrier to communication, by road between both countries and continents at the same time.

It is better known as the Darien plug, precisely because it divides the Pan- American highway, that is, the highway that crosses the entire South American continent is interrupted to go up to Central America and North America by this natural plug.

Why is it so difficult to go through the Darien plug?

Death or freedom, the difficult passage of the Darien – News – WebMediums
Rivers, swamps, forests, physical and mental fatigue are some of the factors that the migrants who take this route of the Darien plug risk.

It is a tropical and impassable jungle, in which there is a very large biodiversity, we are talking about a strip of territory that is between 100 and 160 kilometers long, with an area of land around 575,000 hectares, and that in width It separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean.

In the Darién there is the Los Katios National Natural Park, which is made up of 72,000 hectares in length and width, where jaguars, pumas, deer, wild mice, small tigrillos, wild pigs, foxes, bush dogs live among others species that make life in the park.

Why do I mention the animals that live in the area?

Unfortunately, the number of emigrants who do not have the capital to travel by plane or ferry, or for the simple reason that they do not have the necessary documentation to be able to use regular travel channels, is increasing, exposing themselves to the terrible dangers that they hide this hostile jungle.

Referring to an investigation carried out by BBC Mundo, which spent seven days in the Darien jungle, it sent the American journalist Jason Motlagh, who defined the area as "the most dangerous piece of jungle in the world."

Freedom or death?

Death or freedom, the difficult passage of the Darien – News – WebMediums
Remains of what was a car in a thick wooded area.

As cruel as it may sound, many times the price of this step is quite high, being this until death.

According to the testimony of migrants who have made the decision to go through the Darien, they comment that through the passage of the wooded area, you can see bodies without lives of people who risked their lives for what they called freedom.

It is noteworthy that most of the people who venture to pass through the Darien stop, are migrants who come from different parts of the world, you can see migrants who come from Cuba, Haiti, Bangladesh, Somalia, Venezuela among others, who on this side a route to fulfill the famous American dream.

The vast majority of migrants who use this route are people who want to reach the United States, to fulfill their American dreams, is it worth it for risking so much for that dream?, for many the answer to this question is Yes.

One of the main reasons why this step becomes so tempting for people even from African continents and the Middle East, is because through this route they have more options of being received as refugees and not as migrants.

How is the journey through the Darien?

Death or freedom, the difficult passage of the Darien – News – WebMediums
Migrants pass in groups seeking protection from one another.

Here are some comments from people who decided to head down this route, which is the deadliest of migratory passages in all of Latin America.

One of the most common comments among people who use these risky steps have been "You see the dead, you go hungry, and they rape you", these were testimonies of the migrants who survived the Darien jungle.

At least 88 women have reported to the authorities that they were sexually assaulted between the passage between Colombia and Panama, without knowing how many out of fear did not speak or even worse how many women who were victims of these attacks lost their lives, unfortunately it is clear that the worst part is carried by migrant women.

The assaults of armed men are one of the worst risks in the passage through the thick jungle, which every day becomes more dangerous, due to the growing increase in migrants, in addition to this in the forest there are many insects that make the long journey is more difficult, not counting the physical and mental wear and tear.

Harassment to humanity, physical and mental trauma, wild animals, criminal gangs that steal and rape women and children, including the loss of life and health.

All these things are what families and single people are exposed to, who make the decision to pursue a dream crossing the Darien jungle.