Desk Challenge a dangerous viral challenge in Spain

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Desk Challenge is the new viral challenge that causes problems in Spain. The rest is to place your seat on a rack or high place, to later put weight on it until the person finishes falling.

Desk Challenge a dangerous viral challenge in Spain – News – WebMediums
Capture of the Viral Video Desk Challenge

At first, it started as a joke among colleagues in an educational institution, but was later transformed into a viral challenge that causes trauma injuries when receiving a strong fall down, since each time they seek to hang the highest seat or study position for increase the dangers.

The challenge Desk Challenge aims for students to end up sitting in the air, but if the rack or the support point resists, then they put their table, books and bags to cause the fall. Some schools were already injured and at an institute in Alicante 15 students were expelled for practicing this viral challenge, while another 5 were temporarily suspended.

The injuries usually range from loss of oxygen from the frontal blow, blow to the head, and even unconsciousness. What worries the authorities, is that if measures are not taken soon in this situation, Desk Challenge it will spread like other viral challenges and turn everything into a bigger problem.

This is the Viral Desk Challenge

In an Albatera institute in Alicante, 15 students were expelled for practicing Desk Challenge that leave an injured person who must have been transferred to the hospital.

What drives young people to carry out viral challenges like the Desk Challenge is the need to be in social networks and become recognized for a few days, regardless of the cost of what they have to do. Some countries are spending significant resources to prevent this type of activity, while in some places these behaviors are not being paid attention and has already caused several injuries and even deaths.